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Submitted by Quinton L Vandenberghe
on 09/09/19

Shipping your vehicle overseas can seem like a daunting task full of paperwork, logistical
problems, and stress. However, with A-1 Auto Transport, international transport can be made
easy. I am particularly interested in the topic of international car shipping because I noticed the
military application of shipping a car overseas. As a future member of the United States Army, I
am intrigued as to how easy it could be to send my personal vehicle to anywhere in the world. I
appreciate the acknowledgment of our nations service members by the military discount offered
as well.

International vehicle shipping through A-1 Auto Transport often includes the service
called “RoRo”. RoRo stands for roll on/roll off. This means that no matter whether your car is
being transported by a boat or a plane, your vehicle will be driven onto the means of
transportation from your location and will later be able to be driven right off of the means of
transportation at your final destination.

I think that the RoRo service is a great aspect of A-1Auto Transport. The ability to simply have your vehicle driven directly onto the means of transportation and directly off is more cost effective. No matter whether you are sending over your luxury car or a motorcycle, having your vehicle be ready immediately after it arrives is

Likely when shipping a vehicle internationally, you would also be sending over some
personal items. When shipping your vehicle, you can include up to 100 pounds worth of your
own items. However, anything more than 100 pounds will incur big fines. Shipping your
personal items alongside your vehicle is also somewhat frowned upon because of the added risk
of theft. While A-1 Auto Transport says that theft is “…not extremely common”, it is
recommended to find an alternative way of shipping over your personal items. The risk of theft is
existent because of the route your means of shipping will take to get to the final destination.
More stops equate to a higher chance of theft.

There is also the potential danger of damage occurring to your personal items or to your vehicle. Transporting vehicles long distances is a bit bumpy. A-1 Auto Transport encourages finding an alternative to shipping inside your vehicle for these reasons, but they still offer the opportunity to if you want it. It is great that A-1 Auto
Transport warns customers of the risks, yet also offers the opportunity to ship up to 100 pounds
if wanted.

When shipping a vehicle internationally, the customer needs to decide whether to use a
boat or a plane. Pros of using a plane include the speed in which your vehicle may arrive at your
final destination, safety of your vehicle (boat and truck often are much bumpier and can lead
to scratches and dents), and decreased risk of theft or vandalism.

Cons of using a plane include the high cost, which potentially could exceed the cost of the vehicle itself! Other cons include strict guidelines about your vehicle, the potential multiple day wait to receive your vehicle
because it would first need to clear customs, and restrictions on personal items being transported
alongside the vehicle. Pros of using a boat include the much cheaper cost of shipping a vehicle.
Cons of using a boat to ship internationally include the increased risk of dents and scratches, a
much longer shipping time, and the inability to accurately measure shipping times.

Ultimately, the choice of shipping using a boat or a plane depends on where your priorities lie.
The cost of shipping a vehicle overseas varies greatly. When transporting by plane, costs
are extremely high. Sometimes the cost can even top 100,000 dollars! Transporting by a boat can
actually be quite reasonable. Using the RoRo service, the cost could likely be less than a 1,000
dollars. Costs for shipping overseas vary greatly depending on the type of vehicle, size, where
you are shipping the vehicle to, whether or not your vehicle has modifications, how you are
paying for the transportation, even the season that the shipping occurs in can affect the cost!

You as a customer have certain rights when it comes to shipping your vehicle
internationally. You are able to understand, discuss, and negotiate aspects of your contract that
you are signing with your shipping company. You must make sure you do this before signing the
contract! The customer is encouraged to ask questions and to clarify things that do not make

To me, that is the marking of a good company. Questions arise relating to what would
happen if events out of your control occur. This just depends on the situation, but make sure as a
customer you ask and figure out what would happen if an unforeseen event did occur. You also
need to make sure everything that transpires you get in writing, in order to ensure you understand
your contract. Finally, do not make a payment until you have signed a contract saying what will
be done. You as a customer should feel safe and stress free when it comes to the shipping

When shipping your vehicle, make sure that you do not forget anything. Ensure that all
attachments have been removed from your vehicle. If it falls off during the transportation, do
not expect to get it back. Remember to remove all of your important documents from the vehicle.
If leaving personal items in the vehicle, store them in the trunk. Finally, write down everything
you have left in your vehicle so you know once it has arrived at your destination for sure what, if
anything is missing.

Shipping a vehicle overseas could be a very daunting and stressful ordeal. However, after
doing your research and ensuring that you know the risks, costs, pros, and cons of the different
ways of shipping, it can be an easy process. A-1 Auto Transport can be counted on for
international vehicle shipping because of their proven track record. Decades of operation have
lead to lots of experience and knowledge. With a goal of making your experience simple, you
can have your vehicle shipped overseas easily.

Submitted by Quinton L Vandenberghe
on 09/09/19

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