Improving America’s Highways Can Make Auto Transport More Efficient

Improving America’s Highways Can Make Auto Transport More Efficient

Let’s face it, the infrastructure in the United States is crumbling. In many parts of the country, there’s a ton of run-down and dilapidated road signs, bridges, and so forth. If you want to learn¬† just how bad some of America’s bridges and highways are, check out this this article from NPR.



America’s highways need attention and they need it now, to put it mildly.

Besides the obvious safety issues that they’d correct, here are some of the ways in which America’s highways can be improved to make auto transport more efficient:

The Creation of Truck-Only Lanes

Truck-only lanes, even though they have been shown to provide many benefits, are not common in the United States. They’re actually downright scarce. The State of California is one of the few states that have truck-only lanes.

Remember, truck-only lanes are different than lanes that trucks must stay in but that also allow other vehicles on as well.

The advantages of truck-only lanes are:
  • Helps improve traffic congestion;
  • Prevents accidents involving other vehicles;
  • Allows for faster transport times for trucks;
  • Improves the fuel efficiency of trucks due to less traffic and less “stopping and starting”.

Hopefully more states follow California’s example and increase their use of trucks. For more information, you can visit the California Department of Transportation’s website.

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Repairing Damaged Highway Roads

Another way in which improving America’s highways can make auto transport more efficient is one that should be an obvious one, which is to repair the actual roads!

The main parts of our highways that are in need of repair are:
  • Potholes;
  • Gravel and lose parts of the road;
  • The overall “bumpiness” of old highways;
  • Bridges that are worn down and in danger of collapsing.

Now, there has been the argument made, which does have some merit, that the potholes that we see on our highway roads are actually caused by the trucks themselves. However, this only means that the roads need to be paved with stronger material in a more condensed way. By addressing each of the four issues mentioned, auto transport trucks will experience:

  • Smoother roads;
  • Reinforced and repaired bridges;
  • Decreased traffic;
  • Less flooding and water puddles;
  • Less truck breakdowns and overall wear and tear.

Trucks will benefit in a myriad of ways.

Faster Delivery Times at a Cheaper Price

Auto transport carriers that are able to drive on smooth highway roads that have less traffic congestion, less of a possibility of experiencing a road-induced breakdown or wear and tear, and so on, means that vehicles can be transported much faster than they currently are. There will also be less unexpected delays in shipping times.

And, because of the decrease in expenses that auto transport carriers will have to pay (not having to pay for truck repairs and not burning up fuel in traffic helps), this means that the cost to them will go down and so will the cost to you!

While our highway system is in need of serious repair in many parts of the country, government bureaucracy and political wrangling means that it’s going to be a slow, drawn out process!

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