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How To Ship Your Audi A6.

The Audi A6 is an executive car that succeeded the Audi 100, produced by giant car manufacturer, Audi. From 1994 when its production began, till date, different generations of the A6 have existed, being produced at different times.

The C4 was the first, spanning from 1994 to 1997, C5 took over until 2004, when the C6 came on board. The current generation in production is C7, which started in 2011. Audi offers several options for the car, including petrol or diesel engine, front-wheel or four-wheel drive, salon or wagon, with manual or automatic transmission.

When purchasing an Audi A6, arranging for its shipping is necessary, and to do this, you need an auto shipping company.

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Here Are Things to Look Out For.

  • Reliability: You need a company with whom you can be assured that your car will be delivered on schedule and intact. This reliability comes with years of experience and expertise.
  • Affordability: Over-priced shipping companies are a no-go. Affordability is paramount to allow you much ease in shipping both within the country and across countries.
  • Customer-friendliness: The shipping company should be one that puts the satisfaction of their customers above every other thing. Such company should be able to provide good customer service to supply all the information you need about the movement of your car. This will allow you be sure you are dealing with the right people who can handle your vehicle properly.
  • Certified and insured: In order to ensure your Audi A6 is in the right hands, the shipping company should be licensed and insured. This will guarantee that your car will arrive safe. Also, should there be any issues during transit, you can still be sure your car is protected.

Why Choose Us.

We are an auto shipping company with many years of experience in vehicle logistics. We have a robust network of forwarding agents and customs brokers in several countries around the world that can take care of customs issues with the shipment.

We cover several countries and continents. We will have your Audi A6 shipped overseas for you with our long distance, international shipping service. We also offer door to door delivery. This covers domestic, state to state shipment, and your Audi A6 can be delivered anywhere within the national borders.

Our shipping services ensure maximum protection of your car. Apart from that, you can have your car insured. There are options for enclosed or open carriers. The enclosed carrier is more expensive but offers more protection.

Our customer service is outstanding, with a team of highly dedicated, courteous and professional agents always available to attend to your information need about your shipment before, during or after the shipping. You will get timely information on the location and progress of your car.

To crown it all, our rates are affordable. We offer reasonable pricing so you don’t have to worry about exorbitant cost irrespective of the place of delivery.

All you need now is to get a free quote for your shipping. It is free and instant, and you can do it immediately.

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