How to Ship a Car to Bolivia Safely and Affordably

There are many people that hesitate to buy shipping services until they learn more about them. When you hire a professional international transport company, the very little risk is involved and the cost of shipping a car is much less than assumed.

In fact, overseas auto transports are known as a cost effective service. Not only will they deliver the car safely, but they’ll help you gain import approval. You must call the Embassy of Bolivia to learn about the current regulations stated in the policy.

If you want to ship your car to Bolivia from the U.S., find a transporter with a great reputation for overseas shipping and affordable transport services. You can look into different transporters online if you wish to find a trustworthy service. Collect a few phone numbers and begin calling around for quotes. Schedule your shipping date at least a couple months in advance.

As an Extra Safety Precaution, Prepare Your Car for the Shipping Process.

Prepare your car for its overseas transport to Bolivia. It should be in its best condition before it is delivered. When you get the car ready according to the transport company’s standard procedure, the car and those handling it are kept safe from harm.

  • Wash the car. Clean off all dirt and debris. Clean out the inside of the vehicle. Vacuum and remove all clutter.
  • If the car is being shipped through open air services, make sure it is completely empty. The only exceptions are floor mats, car jacks and spare tires. Otherwise, remove any items that weren’t manufactured with the car.
  • Look at all the car’s fluids to make sure they’re full. Don’t fill the gas tank. Leave the tank less than ¼ full.
  • Turn off the alarm system. The shipping company might also ask that you disconnect the battery. This depends on how the car is shipped.
  • List any damages the car has. Take pictures if the interior and exterior.

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