How To Safely Load Large Furniture Pieces

How To Safely Load Large Furniture Pieces

Furniture is one of the items that are stressful to move. If you have large furniture pieces, it is important to prepare them well for loading and moving. Packing and loading furniture into a pick-up truck can be a daunting task especially where you are doing it by yourself or you are moving for the first time. Hiring a mover saves you a lot of stress since you will not have to worry about the challenges involved in loading large pieces of furniture. However, you do still have a role to play in ensuring that your furniture pieces are safely loaded and ready to be released to the moving company.



Here’s how to safely load large furniture pieces into a moving truck:

  • Disassemble the furniture pieces: It can be quite challenging to move and load the larger furniture pieces when they are assembled. If you have furniture units that need assembling, it is recommended that you disassemble them before loading them into the moving truck. This not only saves time but also ensures that the furniture is safely loaded and transported.

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  • Create enough space in the truck: To load and move your large pieces of furniture successfully, you will need enough space. Avoid forcing many pieces of furniture into a limited space as this might lead to a few of them breaking up, or getting scratched. Ask your mover to evaluate your furniture space requirement beforehand in order to provide a truck that can accommodate all of the pieces safely.
  • Use the legs to load, not the back: Lifting heavy furniture to load into a waiting truck is risky. You can injure your back or any other body parts involved. The best way is to use your legs to gain the appropriate support as you lift the furniture pieces. In addition, when lifting, ensure that the back remains straight to avoid injuries.
  • Ask for assistance: Most household furniture is heavy and large, which makes it hard for a single person to lift and load into a truck. Call for an extra hand to move the furniture; this not only makes the loading process easy it is also safe.
  • Use moving pads and straps: Furniture moving straps and pads are necessary elements that you will need to load your large pieces of furniture easily and safely. The straps are designed in such a manner that two or more people can lift the furniture without much effort, or even worrying about their safety. The pads are necessary for offering protection to the furniture against scratches in the course of the move.

Moving large pieces of furniture can be hectic especially where you do not have the expertise or the right tools and equipment to enable you load them safely and easily. Get rid of such stress by engaging a moving company that is experienced in moving furniture as it will definitely have the necessary accessories and add-ons to load furniture pieces safely.

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