How To Protect Your Kids From Moving-Related Injuries

How To Protect Your Kids From Moving-Related Injuries

When you are a parent of small ones, moving can be harder than usual. Apart from dealing with their feelings about the move, having kids underfoot also poses a degree of danger to them and everyone else if the kids are playing around. To ensure you have a smooth move free from injuries, follow these safety tips for moving with kids;



Tell them you are moving early

Many parents assume that kids don’t have feelings when it comes to houses and friends. If you don’t want your child to start throwing tantrums on the day of the move, it is best to tell them about the move at least a month in advance. This will help them get into terms with the idea and even say goodbye to their friends.

Involve them in packing

The reason why some kids will be all over your business on moving day is because they think it is fun and games. To avoid this, involve them in the packing process from the word go and keep them busy. Let them help to pack their toys, clothes and everything else they can help with until they get tired. On the day of the move, there won’t be any over excitement because they will be tired and already used to the move.

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Have a baby sitter

Since you will most likely be too busy to watch the kids while helping the movers, it is a good idea to have a baby sitter at hand. Make sure the sitter knows that their main job is to keep the kids occupied so they stay away from the mover’s way. Come up with a plan on how to do that so the kids and everyone else remains safe. You can have them playing some games or doing some more packing for you just as long as they are busy. Alternatively, you can ask a neighbor or a friend to take the kids on that day so they can be out of harm’s way.

Have a good car-seat

You are likely to have some things you will carry on your car such as delicate utensils and other valuables. Make sure your child is well strapped in their car-seat so they won’t have the freedom to start touching the items and if possible, contain everything in the trunk.

Set up the kids room first

When you arrive in your new house, unpack and set up the kid’s room first. Prepare everything from beds, snacks, toys and even TV in their rooms and settle them there so they can stay out of your way. Try to set up the room exactly the way it was in the other house because familiarity creates comfort and calmness. Do keep checking up on them so they don’t start misbehaving.

Maintaining safety when you are moving with kids is crucial if you are going to enjoy the move. With the right moving company and constant communication with the kids, you can manage to pull off safety in such dire times.

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