How to Properly Ship an Antique

Submitted by LeeAnna McWhorter
on 12/27/17

Finding an automobile that has been around through several decades used to be a rarity
within the world, but nowadays, thanks to the introduction of the Internet, finding that perfect
throwback car has never been so easy. So let’s say one finds the perfect antique car, but it is
located in California and they themselves reside in Texas. How would they get their prized
possession to their home thousands of miles away? Well, with careful precision and the right
company, the automobile will reach its newfound destination in no time.
Classical cars; almost trophy-like automobiles that stand out along the side of the road for
a show or sit and collect a layer of dust that their owners continuously wipe off. They can be
incredibly shiny, and their paint job looks almost brand new. In fact, if it weren’t for the
old-timey feel and the patented materials, they probably could fool the majority of people into
thinking that they were made yesterday. Except, true classic cars are the real deal, and the unique
and incredible thing about them is that they have managed to come so far in the world by sitting

Classical cars are literally real-life, and most times moving, fossils of the past American
lifestyle. The architecture, color choice, and the materials all show the development of the
automobile industry and how it forever changed the way everyday Americans lived. For
instance, the creation of cars allowed people to travel further and easier without having to sit
next to a stranger. The new inventions allowed for an expansion of culture and a circulation of
new ideas and customs. Several models of older cars show the unique characteristics of not only
America but other places as well during its time period. Other countries that were beginning to
enter the economic race involving cars have their own unique characteristics as well, and they
can be seen through vintage wagons that still parade the streets today in car shows or in joy rides.

Preserving and showing off these antiques helps pass on the lineage of the auto industry in an
artistic way, and moving the automobiles from place to place is a necessity.
Step one in the process of transporting a classical or muscle car is to realize that it is
going to take more than just a trailer to effectively move an automobile from one place to
another. With a specific demand for a quality shipment, it is important to realize the difference in
the details when it comes to the shipping procedures. With more careful handling comes to a higher price, and the majority of people who desire to ship a priceless car will want an all-enclosed transporter. As it probably sounds, the enclosed transportation is far more expensive than the traditional style, but it does offer a greater protection for the car, and the enclosed containers are lined with some sort of inner protection that keeps the car from receiving any of inflicting damage. Additionally, the transporters also include a much more complex roping and
confinement system. The higher quality ropes help reduce road shock and extra movement that
could potentially cause damage, and a big ugly scratch is not something someone wishes to see
when they’re looking for an antique car.

Furthermore, someone who wants to transport a traditional car would need to really think
about which company they’d like to do business with. A few questions that someone would need to ask would be: How long have these people delivered cars? What kind of motto does this
company have? What kind of equipment can they offer me, and do they deliver to the state that I am in? All of these questions can help create a process of elimination if someone is stuck
deciding on which organization to go with. Something that is probably one of the more important factors is to know how long a company has been doing what it is that’s required. If the group is trustworthy and has been doing it for over ten years, it is safe to say that they probably know what they’re doing. Additionally, if the company were to offer first-time users a discount, it is also okay to conclude that they are looking forward to doing business with their consumers and actually care about how they are being reviewed. Working with a company that is conscious about what they’re doing and how they’re being looked at represents an organization that has been doing successful business for years, and that is something that can help assure anyone that their order is in good hands.

Finally, an extra few bells and whistles attached to a procedure would only benefit the
shipping experience. For example, tracking the service through a GPS can help assure customers that their order isn’t going through any unnecessary stops or detours while it’s on its way. Sure, the extra details may cost an extra few hundred dollars, but the assurance of a safe trip means more than a few extra Benjamins. Furthermore, customer service and friendliness are also another really important aspect to consider. How do these large organizations perform under pressure? Do they keep a friendly manner, or do they seem agitated and in a hurry? When in a challenging situation, a true depiction of one’s character is seen through their body language and the way they speak to others. It is best to go with a company that hires friendly and respectful employees that make an effort to show that they care about what they’re doing. After all, not everyone can say that they hauled a 1988 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z in pristine condition.

The amount of money that it takes to move a classic car from one state to another can
seem like a lot, but it is imperative to know that the priceless cargo that’s being shipped helps
paint a vibrant picture of what American life was like years ago. Even if a car is old and has a
few bumps and scrapes, transporting with the right company can preserve its state and keep it
looking brand new and showroom ready.

Submitted by LeeAnna McWhorter
on 12/27/17

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