How To Prepare For Your Business Move

Making the decision to move your business can be difficult. However, there may come a stage when you feel this is necessary (a great free tool to see how you stack up to competitors is the SBA SizeUp). In order to ensure that you move is conducted in an efficient manner and at a reasonable cost, there are a number of preparation steps and factors to consider.

Consider Location Requirements

Certainly, there are a variety of reasons for conducting a business move. The problem is that many times a business owner or decision maker lacks clarity as to what exactly they are really looking for. In order to avoid this, sit down and write out exactly what the new location must offer. These need to be as detailed as possible.

Once your reasons and specifications are written down, stick to them. In other words, don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked by a great deal on that new warehouse space if the location doesn’t offer the type of workforce you will need. Use all available sources of information in order to determine the specifics about your new location. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, this can include newspapers in the new city, the Statistical Abstract of the United States and local Chambers of Commerce.

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Onsite Estimates More Helpful

Businesses typically have a lot more stuff than a household, which means such a move can be more complicated and time-consuming. Your moving company must have a clear understanding of everything you plan to take with you. The best way to ensure there are no surprises in this process is by obtaining an onsite estimate. Do not rely on an online quote, since they simply cannot be guaranteed.

Another reason for this is because there may be special factors involved in a business move. Special equipment might be required if you have anything large or more cumbersome. Additionally, you might not really have a good estimation of what needs to be moved. Only an actual physical walk-through will allow the movers to get a good idea of what is needed.

Out With The Old

Be willing to throw out or donate what is no longer needed. In fact, if you do decide to donate old equipment, you can probably even get a nice tax write off. This can include things as simple as desks and chairs to computers and even actual production machinery. The furniture could possibly be sold to a second-hand store.

Think about consolidating your items. Focus especially on printers and copiers since it is possible that not everyone would need to have their own. The extras can be returned to the leasing company, sold or even donated. The more you are able to get rid of now, the quicker, easier and less expensive your business move will be.

The same thing goes for paper. Have a mobile shredding truck come in before everyone starts packing. Of course, you want to save your important documents, but there will likely be a huge amount of paper to be shredded or simply thrown away.

Bottom Line

It is important to handle your business move carefully and confidently. Also, you should always obtain more than one firm quote (again, no online quotes…only actual in-person estimates). Using all the resources at your disposal, you can make your business move a very smooth and efficient process and have things up and run very quickly in your new location.

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