How To Pack Difficult and Delicate Items

Unless you are already a moving expert, there are probably some items in your home that you do not know how to pack safely. A large, valuable antique desk, for example, obviously requires careful packing, but its size makes it hard to secure safety. Outdoor furniture and yard machines also pose difficult packing problems. Your approach to each individual packing challenge will be unique, but there are a few rules to keep in mind to get everything safely packed.

Fill In Spaces

One of the main things that make an item hard to pack is a large amount of open space within it. With the antique desk, you can fill the area between the legs with bedding and pillows in order to support them in case anything shifts and puts pressure on them. With an outdoor table, you may be able to surround it with small toys or sports equipment before wrapping the entire package, resulting in an efficient use of space.

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Protect Corners and Edges

If a piece of furniture is simply too large to put in a box or cover completely with packing materials, you should at least use cardboard to protect its corners and edges. Tape strips of cardboard from leftover or unusable boxes together and secure them to the edges, protecting them from scratches while the piece is carried into and out of the truck.

Be Creative

Identify which of your belongings will be most difficult to pack and start thinking about solutions early. If you are keeping an eye out, you may come across a box of just the right size and shape, or you might realize that another of your items could serve to safely brace it if the two are taped together. Whatever ideas you come up with, remain flexible. As your truck is loaded, you could spot a space that perfectly matches your unusually shaped piece.

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