How To Keep Track Of Your Chauffeur-Driven Vehicle During Moving Day

How To Keep Track Of Your Chauffeur-Driven Vehicle During Moving Day

If you are moving long distance, it is likely that you and your items will travel separately. The standard practice with this kind of scenario is that your items will be delivered between 1 to 14 days depending on extenuating circumstances. Unlike moving across town, you cannot be there to take care of your stuff as it moves from house A to house B.



Importance of tracking your moving truck

With the rising cases of rogue companies that fail to deliver your stuff or do it on time, it is every home owners fear that they too may fall victim to this. While you cannot be there to protect your belongings physically, having the ability to truck their location gives you confidence to wait in peace. Since you can see how far the truck is from your new home, you can make your plans accordingly.

So, how do you keep track of a chauffeur-driven truck so that you don’t worry too much?

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Take the chauffer’s number

Despite all the technological advances that can be used to track vehicles, the old-fashioned way still works just as well. The chauffer who is likely to be an employee of the moving company is the one in charge of your items. Take his number before you part ways so you can call him directly every few days to know their status. Since the chauffer may be unable to answer your call while he’s driving, take his co-driver’s number as well as the moving company customer service number. Having each other’s contacts is also important to him because he can call if he gets lost or anything else happens on the way.


Thanks to technology, you can now see exactly where the truck is using GPS on your phone. At the time when you hire the truck and are given a chauffeur, the moving company will provide you with the GPS details of that particular truck so you can be able to track it yourself without having to call them all the time. That way, if the truck veers off the travel plan, you can see and call them to find out what is going on. GPS enabled trucks are safer because the moving company can see everything that is happening so it keeps drivers in their best behavior.

Tracking number

While some companies give you the GPS coordinates to do the tracking yourself, others do the work for you. Your bill of lading or moving quote will have a tracking or reference number that you should enter on their website page and hit ‘track’ and they will send you current information about your shipment immediately.

The likelihood of theft and accidents with chauffeur-driven moving trucks is very high because you are not there to prevent it. The secret to avoiding this is by choosing a reputable moving company that provides you with ways that you can track the vehicle yourself or receive accurate information about your stuff when you call them.

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