How To Go About Disputing An Inflated/Incorrect Moving Bill

How To Go About Disputing An Inflated/Incorrect Moving Bill

Every now and then, a home owner comes across a rogue mover who takes them to hell and back. One of the most common scams known in the moving industry is inflated or incorrect moving bill. While sometimes the mistake can be just that, most of the time you will find that the movers have added their own figures intentionally. The figure can completely go way above the estimate or you are charged for services you didn’t even get. If you have a problem with the figures you see on your moving bill, here are some of the ways you can dispute it.



Speak up immediately

Sometimes, the movers don’t even know they have made the mistake. Before you go crazy on them, ask politely first so they can redeem themselves. If the error was genuine, they will be happy to correct it immediately. Other times movers think that you won’t check the bill because you are busy so if you confront them nicely, they will make the changes. If they refuse to help you, call the moving company and try to speak to the bosses or customer service about the issue. Besides speaking up, you must note on the bill of lading that such items are incorrect. That should be indicated on both your copy and the movers copy in case there will be need to take further action later on.

Send a dispute letter

While calling is usually the fastest and easiest way to sort out a dispute, you can take a step further and write a dispute letter to the moving company. You can find a template of such a letter online and make sure you have clearly indicated the issue. Kindly threaten to write a bad review and report them to the proper authorities if they do not act on your issue.

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File a small court claim

When push comes to shove, you can always file a case with the small court claims. Be prepared to wait for a long time as there are many other cases and also to have the required documents and evidence at hand. You can do this by yourself or hire a lawyer to file the case but that will be costly unless you already have one on retainer.

Report to the relevant authorities

There are some bodies that are in place to deal with moving companies and carriers in regards to their behavior. The best place to start reporting such an issue is with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or the Better Business Bureau. These bodies will not only follow up on the case but also expose the moving company. Your local department of transportation can also look into it and investigate the carrier. If you want to take it a notch higher and expose the company for dealing with you treacherously, you can report them to online sites like and The Rip-Off Report so they can be blacklisted.

Disputing an incorrect bill is no easy task if the company you are dealing with is unscrupulous. You must ensure that you do not sign the bill of lading or pay them any amount before confirming that everything is in order.

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