How To Find Financial Assistance For Your Move

Moving is, or can be, extremely expensive. It really doesn’t matter if your move is going to take you to another part your current town / city or around the world, the costs will add up. Many people might not have the funds or means in order to complete a move, especially if they have been victims of difficult circumstances that have forced this move in the first place. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to obtain the needed funds to help you complete your move.

Federal Moving Assistance:

If there has been some sort of natural disaster and this is the primary reason for your move, then it is very possible you can receive some government money. This can include money to help cover moving and relocation costs for individuals, families, and even small businesses, through the Federal Relocation Assistance Program.

This money may be available even to renters if they have become homeless or at serious risk of such. This program is actually quite comprehensive and will help cover costs that include:

  • Moving and transportation expenses
  • Transportation of furniture and personal effects
  • Any required deposits
  • Temporary assistance for paying rent and/or purchase assistance

In some cases, there are also a number of state programs that might help with obtaining funds to cover the cost of moving. Of course, you should do your own research and check with your state to discover what, if any, type of help is available.

Help From Employer:

In other cases a move is required due to a change in your work situation. If this happens, an employer might be willing to provide some type of financial assistance in order to help you get to the new location. This could take the form of a RELO package, which is basically like an allowance for making such a move and can include actual cash as well as paying for movers, transportation and maybe even some of your initial expenses in the new home such as having appliances connected and food.

Each employer will probably handle this situation differently, so check and find out what is offered. In some cases, they will provide the RELO package up front. Other times, you may need to make payments for the expenses initially and then you will be reimbursed.

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Selling Stuff:

If you are not moving for work and have not been displaced or are otherwise ineligible for any type of government help, you might consider actually selling your unwanted items. Getting rid of your old stuff will make you feel better and cut down on the dead weight the moving truck has to lug around to your new location. That alone might save you money since movers charge on the basis of time and/or weight.

Believe it or not, some of the stuff you consider junk might actually be worth decent money to the right person So, although a yard sale might be a bit of a logistical pain, it can be very profitable and help you to obtain the money needed to complete your move.

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