How To Cushion Your Furniture From Getting Damaged During The Loading Process

How To Cushion Your Furniture From Getting Damaged During The Loading Process

Unlike other items in the house which are packed in sealed boxes, furniture pieces have to stand on their own. This lack of protection can mean dents and fabric tears by the time you are done moving. However, there is a way to protect your precious furniture from damage without packing them in boxes. Here are a few tips;



Moving blankets

The good thing with blankets is that you don’t even have to buy them. You can just take all the blankets in your bedrooms and use them to protect your furniture. Blankets are thick and large in size so they provide sufficient cushioning to your furniture during a move. You can wrap the most damage susceptible areas of the furniture pieces with the blanket and secure it with stretch film.

Bubble wrap

A bubble wrap is an excellent material to cushion your furniture from damage. The air-filled bubbles stand between the furniture and any impact from walls or trucks. Bubble wrap is especially great if you have delicate pieces to protect such as glass tables and panels, carved wooden parts and mirrors. However, you should not use bubble wrap to cushion wooden furniture directly because it can hold moisture and ruin the wooden surface. Instead, you can place moving blankets or furniture pads around the furniture first before wrapping with the bubble wrap.

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Shrink wrap

Plastic wrap protects your items from dust, moisture and coming apart. Shrink wrap comes in handy when you need to keep drawers and doors shut during a move and also hold other things in place. You could also use plastic wrap to keep legs, knobs and cushions in place. A generous amount of shrink wrap can also protect furniture items that have mirrors such as cupboards and dressers and keep the edges safe from impact especially if you place more cushioning materials underneath it.

Corrugated cardboard

Since all the furniture items will end up in the same truck regardless of how delicate some of them are, you can use corrugated cardboard to separate them in the truck. Placing sheets of the cardboard between each piece of furniture will ensure they don’t rub against each other. Corrugated cardboard also provides great protection for larger glass surfaces like mirrors and table tops.

Safety packing tips

Though these packing supplies can go a long way into cushioning your furniture, below are some extra safety measures you can take:

  • If it is possible, disassemble heavy and large items so they are easily movable and easy to cushion.
  • Remove knobs, drawers, cushions and sharp legs from the furniture before wrapping.
  • If something is too heavy, use moving equipment like a dolly to make the move easier and safer.

Fact is there is no such thing as over protecting your furniture when you are moving. Furniture is expensive and also among the first things anybody will see in your house so you must take every precaution to make sure they are protected.

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