How To Choose The Right Dolly For Loading Your Furniture Pieces

How To Choose The Right Dolly For Loading Your Furniture Pieces

When you need to move heavy pieces of furniture and appliances, it is important to have a good moving tool, such as a dolly, at hand. A dolly is a wheeled platform, made of any material, which enables people to place heavy items on it for ease of movement. Whether you want to spare your back from strain, protect that beautiful carpeted floor or make the move faster, a dolly is your best friend when it comes to moving. However, there are many types and designs of moving dollies in the market designed to serve different needs. How do you choose the right dolly for your furniture?



  • Capacity: The weight limit of a dolly is very important to consider because if you place something too heavy, it can break or refuse to move. Dollies come in weight capacities of between 200 lbs to more than 1000 lbs. How much weight a dolly can handle depends on material and size as well as how it’s constructed.
  • Features: Depending on the purpose, dollies come in all sizes and shapes. For instance, most appliance dollies are hand trucks meaning they have handles and straps so the user can push it around. Other features include anti-slip coating and surround buffer strip to protect furniture from sliding off during the move and four swivel casters to make rolling in any direction easy.

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  • Material: Dollies can be made of plastic, wood, aluminum and steel. The material determines how strong and durable the dolly is not to mention the price. Carpeted dollies are the best for protecting furniture from scratches but a rubber layer will work best for appliances that need to be held in place.
  • Size: Again, your choice of a dolly should be determined by the purpose. If you need to move boxes and small furniture pieces, then a standard appliance dolly will suffice. However, if you need that big couch or cabinet moved outside and loaded in the truck, you will need a bigger, stronger dolly that can handle the size. While a small dolly with a huge weight capacity is good, it cannot handle a big piece of furniture like a couch because of dimensions.
  • Tires: The choice and quality of casters can make the move easy or hard. If you want to move furniture from one room to another on the same floor, solid casters will do just fine. However, if you need to move downstairs or across rough terrain, you need a dolly with pneumatic casters that are bolted in place with thick material. Casters should be made of a heavy duty material such as rubber with swivel capabilities to make rolling easier.

Whether you are buying, borrowing or leasing a moving dolly to help load your furniture, it is important to go with the right type, size and quality. Most reputable movers come with their own moving equipment but if they don’t, you can ask their input on the right dolly to help them move furniture and appliances.

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