How Much Should Your Packing Supplies Cost You?

How Much Should Your Packing Supplies Cost You?

The process of moving to a new home is as costly as it is involving. In spite of this, hiring the right moving company can help you greatly as you do not have to worry about the stress that comes with the entire process. Another thing that might make the whole process hectic for you is if you do not engage a professional moving services provider in the packing aspect of your move. Your items need packing materials that align with each item’s features and this comes at a cost. The challenge for most people always comes at being able to determine how much the packing supplies will cost. While this is a pertinent concern, the truth is you cannot get the answer directly. This is because there are various factors that determine this cost.



Some of these factors are highlighted below:

Type of packing supplies needed

Depending on the items that you will need to move to your new home, you will require different packing materials. These will include a review of all the moving boxes and containers, wrapping and cushioning materials, securing materials, and packing accessories. If you will use boxes only, it is important to establish how many boxes will fit all your belongings to come up with the cumulative cost of the packing boxes.

There are different types of packing boxes including corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, or the folding cartons. If you are tight on budget, you can go for the folding cartons since they are cheaper. The most expensive types of boxes are the rigid ones. A folding carton is less than $1, while the rigid and corrugated ones go for $4-5, and $2-3 respectively.

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Items to be moved

Special items such as fragile belongings, high-value ones, or even souvenirs will require specialized packing. This implies that you need to find out how many of your items will require such packaging before establishing the cost of the specialized packing materials.

Source of the supplies

Sometimes, it might be easy to get the packing supplies and hence, in such cases, the cost might be low. When the supply is low, the chances are high that getting them would be hard leading to a high cost of acquisition. In addition, if you are getting the supplies from friends or family, you might get them for free. However, where you need to buy from a moving company, you should be ready to part with a few dollars.

Arriving at a conclusive answer of how much you will need to spend on your packing supplies is not straight-forward. This is because; different items will need different types and categories of packing supplies. Some packing supplies will cost more than the others especially those that cater to the more fragile items. Then there is the fact that different sources of the supplies, including the moving companies, have a varying pricing strategy. As such, the cost of your packing materials depends entirely on the number and type of items being moved.

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