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Submitted by Eyüp Karakeci
on 03/01/18

We live in a world where the biggest part of the people do not care about environmental
stuff. They just exist, consume and destroy. Many dispute the fact that we as human beings
contribute to global warming. Our actions have an impact and that is a fact. Some of them
cause more devastating ones than the others but in the end they all sum up to a big one.
Why caring about the future even though we will not be alive until then? Because it matters
and we are responsible for future generations. Life is based on making decisions. Organic or
synthetic? Paper or plastic? Hybrid or Diesel? The world needs those who are able to rethink
and change the way of living. Often these are the small changes at the beginning of a chain
which cause the great thing.
The A-1 Auto Transport Inc., settled in California and in many bigger cities throughout the
United States and overseas, is a large company shipping and transporting vehicles all over
the globe. They get things done on time and offer a range of delivery options for your
freight. Their service and pricing is fair and they offer you free cost estimates too. But most
notably they do not focus on profit. A-1 cares about environmental issues and actively
campaigns for a more efficient and protecting use of resources. In the following I will
introduce you to some personal experience and the company’s philosophy.
The emissions produced by cars and other vehicles account for more than 50 % of the whole
globe. Improve in that section would bring about a great change and is easier than most of
us think. The A-1 Auto Transport Company contributes to that reduction by using efficient
trucks to cut down the emissions and the fuel consumption, too. You might not imagine how
huge the extent of air pollution really is. So let me tell you a story that you can relate to, if
you went to a metropolis before. This year’s January I went to Baku, capital of Azerbaijan. I
am more the one who prefers to stay outside of big cities than inside, but I thought I should
give it a try. While walking along the Boulevard next to the Caspian Sea, the air was fresh
and clean. The wind coming from the sea is blowing into the city center and transports the
polluted air to residential areas located behind. I and my host family were also living there.
The first two weeks everything seemed fine and I enjoyed the city a lot. One day I felt kind of
sick and my nose and airways were burning, so I tried to figure out why. The next days I was
searching for the reason and got shocked – it was the polluted air. I never experienced
something similar before and saw that some people were wearing masks to get some
protection. You know these smog pictures from Beijing? However it was not as extreme as
Beijing and you did not see emission clouds I quickly realized that there was the potential. I
could not see initiatives to reduce the air pollution caused by vehicles and even if so, it will
be hard to carry it out in an oil extracting city. Why that story? To show you that we have an
impact and we are the one who create the world we want to live in. I wanted to share it with
you because it was an impressive experience and made me afraid of the future.
As I said before we need a change in the way we think and act. That also means that we have
to find ways to reduce emissions and the consumption of resources by modifying the way
we live and use them. But how can every one of us help to fix it? Here are some for you.
Instead of using paper for communicational purposes, use email or other internet
correspondences like A-1. Get yourself reusable and recyclable utensils for your everyday life
and put an end to plastics. Use detergents and other supplies not tested on animals and
harmless for the environment. Get yourself a composter and start to collect all organic and
compostable stuff inside of it. You will never have to buy soil for your garden again and you
definitely know what it is made of. Modernize your sanitary installations to reduce the
wastage of water, for example by low-flow systems. Do not pay for one-time-use and invest
in reusable or rather durable materials. Turn off the lights and disconnect all electronic
devices when leaving the room, office or home. Electricity seems to be continuous, but the
sources to generate it are not.
Another way to reduce unnecessary emissions and also part of A-1’s philosophy is to create
an efficient transport concerning logistics and overall fuel-efficiency. By having a wellestablished
and working transport line, companies can save a lot of time and money. It is
merely a matter of communication than anything else. To grant this, the A-1 Auto
Transport Company includes just the latest technologies into their business, for example
digitally connected workflows and state-of-the-art equipment. All these investments A-1 is
taking help them to run a clean and future oriented business. They joined the SmartWay
Transport Partnership to manage logistics in an environmentally responsible way and
promote for a change in society. SmartWay understood that the global freight transport and
its emissions will have a bigger impact in future and they create opportunities to reduce
them. They provide a range of services to their members, helping them to improve their
All these advices you red are followed by the A1 Auto Transport Company and it should
demonstrate you how to cut down your personal consumption and carbon footprint. They
are an inspiring example for both, producers and consumers (and suppliers as well). You can
find a how-to guide on their website or on It is not difficult to live
a better life, it is just hard to begin.

Submitted by Eyüp Karakeci
on 03/01/18

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