How Having Access to Affordable and Reliable Automobile Transport Can Impact Lives

Submitted by Kate Brown
on 03/08/18

Having access to a reliable vehicle is a factor that may be key in the prevalence of social and economic boundaries between classes of people. Someone who does not have access to a vehicle will be at a disadvantage to those who do. For example, one issue faced by the economically disadvantaged who lack a car could be that they are unable to bring home the groceries they need or the donations they are allotted from a local food bank. They may also have unequal opportunities for employment due to the lack of reliable transport to and from work. Their children may not be able to participate in sports and after school activities without a reliable vehicle to take them there. There is certainly no doubt that having a vehicle is a serious social and economic advantage in modern industrialized societies.


There are many instances where someone may have to move a long distance, whether that be across the country or internationally. They could be given a job opportunity somewhere that surpasses any offers they could receive currently. They may have to move to be closer to family or friends. There are many reasons why someone might not be able to drive their vehicle with them for this journey. They could be travelling internationally, or they could simply feel unsafe driving such a long distance. Without the access to reliable transportation for their vehicle, many people would struggle to complete necessary, everyday tasks in their new home. The need for safe and reliable vehicle transport is crucial in today’s mobile world.


One of the biggest issues many relocating families or individuals may face is finding affordable transportation for their vehicle. Especially for someone who is economically disadvantaged, finding affordable transport is one of the most important factors. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, 43.1 million Americans experienced poverty in 2016 (Center for Poverty Research, University of California, 2017). Those in poverty who do have a car very likely cannot afford to buy another one when reaching their destination, and they likely cannot afford expensive transportation fees. A reputable and affordable company often provides a free quote to potential customers and fees which will ultimately cost less than purchasing a new car would. They will also have various transportation options available to fit almost all budgets, from open shipping, which is the cheapest option, to air transport. Affordable transportation for their vehicle is a serious factor that is at the top of many priority lists.


Another key factor to consider in automobile transport is whether or not transport will be safe and reliable. For someone who cannot afford a new vehicle, it is crucial that their vehicle arrives undamaged and in good condition. No one should have to pay money for repairs on their vehicle due to the fault of a shipping company. For this reason, most shipping companies today employ expert drivers to ship vehicles. A reputable company will also provide some level of insurance, to protect against unforeseen situations and give the vehicle owner more peace of mind. It is also crucial to have fast transport of one’s vehicle. For someone moving to a new country or state, they will likely need their vehicle as soon as possible. Being without their vehicle for even a few weeks could hinder their overall move, their job, or how their children get to school. Receiving the vehicle safely and quickly is extremely important. Choosing a company that is insured and has a reputable history of safe vehicle transportation will ensure that vehicle owners will have less stress and be able to focus on other, more important aspects of their move.


Another aspect of automobile transport which is extremely important is that of environmental sustainability. There is certainly no doubt that bringing one’s vehicle along during a move is more environmentally friendly than purchasing an entirely new vehicle. However, it is also important that the actual process of automobile transport is done in an environmentally friendly way. With climate change being an increasingly serious global concern, more and more companies are practicing environmentally friendly practices. Choosing a company which is environmentally friendly and has proven themselves to be sustainable not only benefits the customer, but also the environment. For many people, this is a big priority. Climate change is a serious issue and now, more than ever, it is important to participate in environmentally friendly practices.


There is no doubt that having access to affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly automobile transport is a serious benefit to anyone. For those with expensive or classic cars, they look for a company which is safe and secure. However, even people who can afford expensive cars want the greatest value in their services. For those who are struggling financially, however, affordable vehicle transportation is a necessity. Those who do not have access to a vehicle are at a social and economic disadvantage, and many people cannot afford to buy a new vehicle upon moving. Today’s society has provided many reputable automobile transport companies which have allowed those in poverty to afford to bring their vehicle with them in a safe way. To better the lives of individuals, companies today have become increasingly affordable, reliable, and sustainable. The evolution of automobile transport and the availability of it to everyone is a key step in breaking down social and economic barriers. Everyone should have the access to reliable transportation, and everyone should have the ability to bring their vehicle with them when they move. Automobile transport is a service which has serious impacts on society beyond the initial glance. Automobile companies today are evolving to ensure that they are affordable and available to even more people, that their transport is safe and trust-worthy, and that they are considering their impact on the environment.

Submitted by Kate Brown
on 03/08/18

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