How Early Should You Start Packing On Moving Day

How Early Should You Start Packing On Moving Day

Packing is not something you can avoid if you have to move. Usually getting a reliable mover to do all the work for you is the preferred option since it saves you a lot of stress and time. It is advisable to ensure that all the items are packed well before your mover arrives.



Start packing early

One of the most common answers to the question of how early you should start packing for a move is pack early. While this answer is not conclusive or specific, it implies that getting your packing done as soon as possible leaves you with less stress. For example, if you are planning to move in a few months, it is illogical to pack everything yet you will still need to use a few of the times.

Start packing when you get a new home

You can start moving some items slowly to your new home if that is what you prefer. Start by packing items that you do not need in your old home and have them delivered to your new house. The size of your new home does help you determine what items to carry and what to get rid of.

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Have a packing plan

Packing can be stressful and hectic at the same time especially where you do not engage the services of a qualified mover. Before you start the packing process, you need to come up with a clear plan to guide you to a successful move. Have you identified which items you should start packing first and which are to be packed later? Getting a head start regarding your packing is a good idea. Here is a plan that you can follow:

  • Pack stored items first: Do you have items in the attic, garage, or even in the closets? Starting sorting and packing these.
  • Pack seasonal items: If you have any items that you use seasonally, they earlier you get through them the better. You are not likely to be using them anyway so get them boxed and ready to go.
  • Specialty items: Most special items are considered hard to pack because they need a lot of care. Get the packing supplies you need for these delicate items and get started. Starting early means you will have all the time you need to handle these items.
  • Pack items you can do without: There are items you use on a daily basis and those that you do not. These are the items you can put away a few weeks to the move to make the process easier for you.
  • Clear the kitchen and closet. When you have only a week to the moving date, start packing items in the kitchen and closets. However, leave a few items that you will continue to use during the remaining days.

It is stressful to pack successfully for a move. Hiring a reputable moving company can help you pack and move all your belongings safely to your new home with ease.

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