How Early Should You Send House-Warming Party Invites?

How Early Should You Send House-Warming Party Invites?

With all the stress that comes with moving to a new home, the last thing that you would ever wish to think of is having a party. But after you have unpacked, holding a party seems to be a great way to get to know your neighbors, make new friends and start a new life in your new home. The secret to making the most out of a housewarming party is knowing when to hold it –it could be a few hours after your mover arrives and after unpacking, or a few days after settling. However, ensure that you send party invites in time.



Here are a few insights into the appropriate time to send house warming party invites.

Factors to consider before sending house warming party invites

Holding a housewarming party in a new area might be quite challenging especially due to the fact you do not know anybody around. As such, before you plan anything, make sure that you keep the following in mind:

  • Know your neighbors: It would be strange and uncourteous to move to a new neighborhood and throw a party without inviting your neighbors. Knowing a few of them will give you a glimpse of what to include in your party to make everybody comfortable. Additionally, having a clear understanding of who your neighbors are and what they like would help you determine whether it is okay to hold a house warming party or not.

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  • Ask around for any restrictions: Some neighborhoods have set rules and regulations that restrict certain activities. Ask around to find out whether there are any restrictions on holding parties and what the laid out guidelines about holding a party are. It would be bad to get into a new neighborhood and go against the rules of the area on the very first day.
  • Decide who to invite: There is that friend or family member you would not want to miss your house warming party. However, with the activities of moving to a new house, you would probably forget to send them an invite if you do it hurriedly. Taking time to think about and plan the whole process helps you have a clear list of who to invite.

Start sending the invites

Now that you have a clear understanding of who your neighbors are, the next thing is to plan how to send the invites. There are people who have no problem with an abrupt notice of a party while others require a few weeks to reschedule themselves. You need to factor in all these when deciding on an appropriate time to send house warming invites. As such, it is important to give people enough time to prepare for the party. You do not want a case where everybody says they are too busy to attend your party. Therefore, give about two to three weeks notice; this will be enough for people to put your party into their schedules.

A house warming party is a significant way to kick start life in your new environment. You can do it immediately your mover offloads and unpacks, or a few days later. What matters is the convenience of your friends and the neighbors.

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