How Disney Pixar’s Cars Would Be Different If A-1 Auto Transport Had Been Involved.

Submitted by Kamryn Yanchick on 10/21/17

    I assume most people are somewhat familiar with the family favorite Disney Pixar movie, Cars, which first hit the big screen in 2006. This heartwarming story follows Lightning McQueen, the hottest up and coming racecar who gets lost on his way to the Piston Cup championship tiebreaker race. Lightning McQueen ends up in the small run-down town of Radiator Springs, making a wide variety of unlikely friends as he prepares to head back to his famous racecar life. The story of Cars is entertaining and heartwarming for viewers of all ages. Its success led to its first sequel, Cars 2, being released in 2011, while loyal fans were anxiously awaiting the second sequel, Cars 3, which was scheduled to come out in the summer of 2017. However, one can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Lightning McQueen hadn’t gotten lost on his way to win the Piston Cup.

    First, it is important to address the incident that caused our hero to stray from his planned route in the first place. The blame has to be placed on Mack, Lightning McQueen’s transporter. During the long trek across the country to the Los Angeles International Speedway, Mack fell asleep on the road, resulting in Lightning McQueen falling out of the truck and becoming lost. Although the good-natured Mack had the best intentions to safely deliver Mr. McQueen to his destination in a timely manner, this type of mistake is completely unacceptable in the auto transport industry. Had the lovely folks at A-1 Auto Transport happened to be anthropomorphic cars in the Disney Pixar universe, they could have entirely prevented this unfortunate event. It is very clear that the dangers of drowsy driving most directly placed McQueen in jeopardy. A-1’s drivers are experts in their field, and these professionals strive to go the extra mile to ensure that all cars get delivered safely and on time while still following all necessary safety guidelines. All A-1 drivers are required to abide by The Department of Transportation’s driving distance cap of 500 miles a day. 500 miles driving across the country should take around eight hours to complete, leaving plenty of time for the proper rest needed to keep drivers alert. Due to his reckless decisions, it’s obvious Mack wasn’t an A-1 driver. If only Lightning McQueen’s manager had hired A-1 Auto Transport to deliver him to the championship.

    A less obvious, yet still alarming, issue that caused Lightning McQueen to be separated from his transport vehicle was the lack of security within the carrier. When the open button inside of the truck gets accidentally pushed, the back door of the carrier swung open effortlessly and Lightning McQueen rolled out without any hindrance. A-1 Auto Transport states that all vehicles are carefully secured during transportation. The cars are harnessed in as an extra safety precaution, in order to minimize vehicle movement. Had Lightning McQueen been a customer of A-1, he would have been snug and secure without any worry in the world and he would have made it to the race on time.

    It can only be mere speculation as to how the story of Lightning McQueen would have turned out had he not gotten lost. It is safe to say, however, that McQueen would never have ended up in Radiator Springs. Some might consider this lost opportunity for the blossoming of unlikely friendships and humbling life lessons to be sad. I have no doubts the characters would have still had fulfilling lives. Lightning McQueen would have made it to the championship on time and I believe he still would have won the first place spot and won the Piston Cup. This would be the beginning of a prolific racing career for McQueen. A career that would involve countless more trips that he would take as a loyal A-1 Auto Transport customer. This loyalty would come back to help A-1 as they would become a career-long sponsor for Lightning McQueen, gaining top publicity as the company of choice for the most famous race car of all time. This additional profit would allow A-1 Auto Transport to greatly expand their company, including offering additional scholarship essay opportunities.

As for the folks of Radiator Springs, I’m sure even they would be better off with the help of A-1 Auto Transport. Since A-1 operates in every state, all of the cars from Radiator Springs could very likely become employees of the company, with all the proper training of course. Tow Mater the tow truck could be trained to be a transport vehicle for smaller loads. His fun-loving nature, friendliness, and numerous entertaining humorous stories would create many new loyal customers. Sally, the town attorney, could handle the company’s legal issues. Sarge, the veteran who runs a boot camp, would be a great trainer for the new recruits. His extreme fitness boot camp would assure that all vehicles would be well-prepared to make their long, cross-country hauls. Guido, the Italian forklift, could become part of the loading crew. Due to his smaller stature he would most likely specialize in smaller vehicles, but nevertheless, he would be a valuable addition to the crew. If worst comes to worst, Sheriff could handle any issues involving any stolen or damaged vehicles. His years of experience and expertise on the force would make him the man for the job whenever any crime is committed against an A-1 Auto Transport customer or employee. Most of the other cars from Radiator Springs could find a job in customer service. Their southern charm and small-town hospitality would be a great fit in the A-1 team. The bilingual characters, Luigi, the Italian tire salesman, and Ramone, the Hispanic body artist, would prove to be valuable assets when conducting international business. Flo’s experience as a well-loved and successful restaurant owner would make her the star of the customer service team, providing top-quality performance with a constant smile.

This inclusion of A-1 Auto Transport into the Disney Pixar Cars universe appears to be a lovely world to live in. The upsides to this alternate universe seem to be endless, just like the upsides of any world where A-1 Auto Transport is present.



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