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As the name suggests, Hillsborough County is highly mountainous. Its ridges turn into white powdered snow tracks and skiing grounds over the winter, attracting tourists from all over America.  Winter sports lovers are spoilt for choice when checking out the different ski resorts offered in the New Hampshire based county. Away from the wild mountains, the city and towns offer a homely feel for families visiting Hillsborough. Different sea cuisines are hard to turn down from the lines of classy restaurants in the streets.


ship a car to or from Hillsborough County


Winter sports lovers and folks visiting Hillsborough County require private means for a seamless experience when getting by the county. Moreover, you require a car shipping firm offering services tailored for the snow-packed county. A-1 Auto Transport is the carrier firm of choice when shipping cars to or from Hillsborough County.

Our scope of services

Hillsborough, like the rest of New Hampshire, gets high snow-cover during winter. Like the norm of most snow-covered streets, shoveling and salting makes access a lot easier. However, it’s not guaranteed that the streets will always be shoveled and salted. You require an experienced and always-prepared carrier firm like ours that can maneuver the slippery snow-covered streets and deliver your car right to you when shipping cars to or from Hillsborough County.

A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. ships vehicles worldwide. Click here or call 1-800-452-2880 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote to ship your car.

We make car deliveries to all locations in Hillsborough including Manchester, Nashua, Amherst, Antrim, Bedford, Bennington, Brookline, Deering, Francestown, Goffstown, Greenfield, Greenville, Hancock, Hillsborough Town, Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, Lyndeborough, Mason, Merrimack, Milford, Mount Vernon, New Boston, New Ipswich, Pelham, Peterborough, Sharon, Temple, Weare, Wilton, Windsor, East Merrimack and Pinardville.


  • Snowmobile shipping: Snowmobiles come in handy during winter, both for winter sports lovers and folks residing at the foot of the snowy mountains. We ship different types of snowmobiles including trail, utility, mountain, performance, touring and Indy performance snowmobiles. Each type of snowmobile requires special attention from the other. No matter which type you’ve got, we guarantee the safest and most reliable delivery. Winter sports lovers may want to try out different ski resorts before they settle on one that suits their personality. We can arrange for a cost effective shipping schedule if you wish to test drive each one of them. Read more about our snowmobile shipping process here.
  • Terminal delivery: Guests visiting a new area may find it hard providing an exact delivery address. No need to worry, we can work with a general location. Through terminal delivery system, we shall drop the car off at the closest car depot or secure parking facility closest to your location. You can then pick the car up from the designated terminal at your convenience. Note that parking fees apply for this service.

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A-1 Auto Transport offers a variety of services for all autos including sedans, SUVs, trucks and vans. Click here to find out what else you can enjoy when shipping cars to or from Hillsborough County.

Zip codes included in Hillsborough County

  • ZIP Code 03031 – Amherst
  • ZIP Code 03033 – Brookline
  • ZIP Code 03043 – Francestown
  • ZIP Code 03045 – Goffstown
  • ZIP Code 03047 – Greenfield
  • ZIP Code 03048 – Greenville
  • ZIP Code 03049 – Hollis
  • ZIP Code 03051 – Hudson
  • ZIP Code 03052 – Litchfield
  • ZIP Code 03054 – Merrimack
  • ZIP Code 03055 – Milford
  • ZIP Code 03057 – Mont Vernon
  • ZIP Code 03060 – Nashua
  • ZIP Code 03061 – Nashua
  • ZIP Code 03062 – Nashua
  • ZIP Code 03063 – Nashua
  • ZIP Code 03064 – Nashua
  • ZIP Code 03070 – New Boston
  • ZIP Code 03071 – New Ipswich
  • ZIP Code 03076 – Pelham
  • ZIP Code 03082 – Lyndeborough
  • ZIP Code 03084 – Temple
  • ZIP Code 03086 – Wilton
  • ZIP Code 03101 – Manchester
  • ZIP Code 03102 – Manchester
  • ZIP Code 03103 – Manchester
  • ZIP Code 03104 – Manchester
  • ZIP Code 03105 – Manchester
  • ZIP Code 03108 – Manchester
  • ZIP Code 03109 – Manchester
  • ZIP Code 03110 – Bedford
  • ZIP Code 03111 – Manchester
  • ZIP Code 03244 – Hillsborough
  • ZIP Code 03281 – Weare
  • ZIP Code 03440 – Antrim
  • ZIP Code 03442 – Bennington
  • ZIP Code 03449 – Hancock
  • ZIP Code 03458 – Peterborough
  • ZIP Code 03468 – West Peterborough

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