Having Your Utilities Connected

Having Your Utilities Connected

When moving houses, you will need to do a lot of things so as to settle down with ease. Key among the tasks to undertake would be having your utilities connected. Utilities such as water, gas and electricity are very essential for you to go about your daily life. Some additional utilities such as internet and pay TV are also useful. When you have done a long distance move with a reliable mover such as A-1 Auto Transport, you simply want to get to your new home and settle-in with ease.



Having your utilities already in place will definitely make this a reality for you.

Utility connection service

This is where the landlord offers you the option to have your utilities connected by a third party. Some real estate agents offer the utility connection services for free.

Advantages of utility connection service

  • You do not experience the hassle of seeking the service providers. This comes in handy especially when making a state-to-state move and you are not yet familiar with the area.
  • You get to have all the options available under the single purchase.
  • You can get connection to the services fast.
  • You can have the services connected for you at no cost.

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Disadvantages of utility connection service

  • You do not get the chance to source the best deals.
  • The options of the service providers may be limited.
  • Your contacts may be used for promotional emails and calls, even if you opt not to connect.

Application for utility services

This can be done in person, online or via a call. Applying for connection to utilities is similar to applying for credit and for this reason the service providers may do a background check to see how you paid your bills in the past. Also, you may be requested for information such as your Social Security number. Remember to pay your utility bills on time. This is essential because service providers do assess your credit history and ability to pay bills on time.

As a first time applicant, you stand to gain from various promotional packages including bonuses. Do take advantage of these and save a few dollars.

Payment of utility services

A letter of guarantee or a deposit is expected from customers who have a poor credit history. The policy of the company should apply to all customers and you should not face discrimination for any reason. In case you have a spouse who was not paying their bills as and when expected, you should not be barred from getting connection to utility services, as provided for under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. The Federal Trade Commission provides consumer information related to utility services.

Timing is very important and that is why you should have the utilities connected at a convenient time so as to enable you to have a smooth time settling into your new home after your mover delivers your household goods safely. To make things easier, you can have the services connected the day before you get to your new home.

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