Have The House Aired Out

Have The House Aired Out

You have just moved into your new home but are having a difficult time settling down because of poor air quality. Not only is the air stale and musty, there is a distinct odor that seems to be wafting in. These smells are not only unpleasant to inhale; they can also cause respiratory challenges. You need to address this issue if not; you could find yourself having to start the relocation process once again. Here are some ideas.



Identify the source

Before doing anything, determine what is causing the odor. It could be due to poor ventilation or because when the previous occupant moved out, they left all openings sealed shut. It could also be that some liquid poured; food that has gone bad or a dead rodent. It is impossible to clean the air under such circumstances. That is why you need to identify the source so you determine whether the house needs a good scrub, there are things you need to throw away or all that’s needed is improved air circulation.

Open the doors and windows

Doors and windows are the primary entry points of fresh air. If you want to improve the air quality of any house, you must keep these wide open at all times. Allow the fresh air to circulate. The longer you do this, the better it is for your living quarters; soon you will notice that the stale air is being replaced by some freshness that is unique to natural air.

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Run the air conditioner

There are air conditioners that have air filters called HEPA which absorb particles present in the air. These are the best because not only are they very efficient, they ensure that you are not inhaling polluted air. Their output is very close to that of natural air.

Use air fans

If well utilized, air fans can be used to push out bad air. For a room without a window, place it strategically near a door then run it when the door is open. You could also place it near the air conditioner to help it better absorb the moving air.

Use scented paint

There have been great strides made in the home-deco industry. One of this has been introduction of scented paint in an array of beautiful colors. Once your home has been scrubbed clean and fresh air allowed to circulate freely, consider painting your walls using this paint. If you love the smell of vanilla, for example, a whiff of this scent will be a blessed addition to the quality of air you are breathing.

Fresh air is a natural resource that should be enjoyed by every creation. You do not want to move into a house and find a stench that you have to live with. That is why you need to ensure that before you move in, you have found ways to thoroughly air the house. Do not assume that the odor will disappear on its own; take the steps highlighted above and enjoy good quality air.

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