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Preparing your car before shipping is as easy as cleaning it prior to the transportation process. However, there are people who still forget the most crucial steps in prepping their vehicle before handing it over to their preferred auto shipper.


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Take note that it is not enough to just get rid of the debris or dust in your car. You must also be reminded that there are factors that may affect the shipper’s convenience. For instance, there are customers who fill up their cars with gas while forgetting that it is best not to let your vehicle have over a quarter tank of fuel prior to transportation.

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There are other things you must keep in mind, such as the following:

Remove Your Valuables From Your Car. It is obvious that you should remove your car’s add-ons prior to its transportation. Don’t forget that even your valuables must be removed as well.

There are customers who sometimes leave some objects in their cars. As a result, their vehicle’s interior gets damaged due to shifts during the moving process.

Secure Your Convertible Car’s Top. It is much easier to move a standard vehicle, but if you have a convertible, you must secure its top properly. It is also necessary to position it upwards. In case there are holes or seams, you must seal these parts beforehand.

By doing so, you will be able to prevent too much humidity from damaging the interior of your car. There are times that you may find it hard to secure the top. As a solution, you must request for an enclosed container shipping instead.

Check for Fluid Leaks. After cleaning your car, you must check if there are visible leaks. In case there are any, it is ideal to fix them right away. If you do not have time, you must inform your auto shipper right away in order to secure your vehicle in a position that will not cause damage to other cars.

Take Down Loose Parts. Your car’s exterior is most vulnerable to damage, which is why you should take down all loose or removable components. If applicable, you should fold your side-view mirrors. Additionally, retract the antennas completely.

Inspect Your Car’s Battery. Before the transportation process, your car’s battery must be charged fully. In addition, it must be secured properly in its installation bracket.

By following the additional tips for preparing your car for moving, you will be able to minimize the risks associated with auto transportation. Moreover, you can easily avoid troublesome insurance issues while also giving your auto shipper an easy time with the whole process.

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