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Submitted by William Timothy Wilson
on 03/06/18

Since the Industrial Age, our world has become the home of a rapidly growing and evolving population that is using fossil fuels as the main source of its growth. With heavy machinery accounting for over half of the world’s emissions, it is imperative for a company that deals in the automobile industry to move forward with the times to help protect the environment. That is why I believe the Green Initiative from A-1 Auto Transport is such a wonderful program. It shows that a company is willing to take a step forward and be an example in the hopes that environmental protections can be achieved.

First of all, what is the Green Initiative and why is it important? The Green Initiative is a program that A-1 Auto Transport put in place to promote cleaner emissions standards to their employees and company. This is important because there cannot be any improvement in greenhouse gas emissions unless a company takes this first step to recognize and address the problem. Having the Green Initiative reiterates to employees and their customers that global warming is a real concern for all, and A-1 takes it seriously.

So what effect do global warming and the ever-increasing amount of greenhouse gas emissions have on you, on our planet? For starters, “global warming” is a term used to describe the effects on the constant release of carbon dioxide and methane (from burning fossil fuels) into the earth’s atmosphere causing a gradual increase in the earth’s surface temperature. This, of course, impacts the temperature we feel on the ground, but it also affects earth’s water temperature, heating up the temperatures even on the icebergs causing them to melt. I am sure that we all have seen or heard about this, “The ice caps will melt causing the oceans to rise and consume the land”. This is obviously a very extreme stance but that does not make it completely false. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, sea levels have risen 8 inches since 1870 and the EPA expects the levels to rise exponentially. This is a global problem because half of the earth’s population lives in coastal areas that would be decimated with flooding if this were to happen. Global warming is going to affect us all in one way or another. Another aspect of global warming is the temperature difference, it not only can cause warmer weather, but it can also cause colder weather during the winter as well. These extremes in weather do not bode well for the human population, increasing the likelihood of more intense hurricanes due to their propensity for the temperature difference.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation industry accounted for 27% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States in 2015. There are multiple ways that an individual working in the transportation industry could do their part to help lower unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. If one is driving a heavy truck or semi-truck, the driver could turn off the ignition during long periods of waiting to help reduce the amount of time the truck is in idle. Changing the method of how one drives is also an easy and beneficial way to help the environment. Instead of accelerating quickly and pretending they are in the Daytona 500, one could instead pretend they were “Driving Miss Daisy” and gently accelerate and decelerate when operating a vehicle. This is a proven and effective way to increase the gas mileage of one’s vehicle and thus improve the number of fossil fuels burned during a trip.

The logistical side of a company’s operation is another way to reduce their carbon footprint and improve on reducing fossil fuel emissions. Using updated and the newest technology is very important when transport vehicles nationally or internationally. By carefully planning every trip, evaluating and analyzing each load, A-1 can reduce the number of trips to transport vehicles nationwide or worldwide. It is obvious that this company is dedicated to intelligent logistics, for the A-1 Auto Transport was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency the “Smart Way Transport” award in 2010, showing a dedication to improving and leading the way in reducing emissions.

The way they are improving is not just “on the road” but it is “off-road” as well. Decreasing paper usage by interacting with employees and customers via email is one great solution. Implementing measures to have all lights turned off in rooms that aren’t being used, having reusable cookware in the break rooms, and using green products as cleaning supplies are all effective methods that do not require a whole lot of change or money, but all can make a sizeable impact in the environment. These changes are brilliant in the way that they make a positive change for the environment, but also positively affect their employees. It shows them that global warming is a real concern and outlines steps on how they can reduce their carbon footprint. This is wonderful because they can take these healthy and “green” ideas and take them home with them to practice on their own as well. The Green Initiative idea quickly goes from a company idea to a working and applicable practice that employees can take home with them.

Global warming really is a global problem and it is refreshing to see a company take initiative and work towards “greener” community. Leading by example is one of the things that will get us on the right track to protecting our environment from the dangers of fossil fuel emissions. Eliminating fossil fuels entirely I believe is an absurd argument, for we rely too heavily on them for our day-to-day lives. However, using them sparingly and intelligently is utterly needed. Seeing programs like the Green Initiative is showing that large companies are willing to do their part to clean up our environment. As a business dealing with the auto and transport industry, A-1 Auto Transport is in a wonderful and unique position to lead from the front to better our environment. Thank you for this scholarship opportunity and your dedication to improving our fossil fuel emission standards

Submitted by William Timothy Wilson
on 03/06/18

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