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Submitted by Jacob Daniel-Thomas Trapp
on 03/10/18

Being “green” has always been part of my life. I do not know anything else. The overlying message of my mom’s graphic tee shirt collection goes something like this, “Clean and Green”, “May The Forest Be With You” or my favorite “Don’t Be Mean, Be Green”. Always made of organic cotton, washed with 100% Earth-friendly biodegradable laundry detergent and laid out to dry “because the dryer is an energy zapper”. Earth Day and Arbor Day are considered the highest of holidays in our household. I was taught which recycle bin aluminum went in vs glass vs paper before I was out of training diapers. And, if you want to see my skin crawl, just let me see a plastic grocery bag hanging from a tree limb. I mean really, use a canvas-shopping tote, please.  It’s okay, call me over the top, a freak or whatever else, but I love our Earth. I am a nature lover. I enjoy being part of the outdoors. Skiing and fishing are my happy place. However, if we do not take care of Mother Earth, she will not be around in the future to be able to take care of us.

Carbon dioxide emissions, primarily from the combustion of fossil fuels, have risen dramatically since the start of the industrial revolution.1 As a self-proclaimed nature lover; I appreciate that A-1 Auto Transport readily recognizes and acknowledges the impact emissions have on the environment. I am extremely impressed A-1 Auto Transport has taken the initiative to become a green company in an effort to improve our world. Confession time. Admittedly, curiosity took over as I began researching and writing this scholarship essay. I kept thinking, why would a company who specializes in auto transport services put so much effort into being a green company? Becoming a SmartWay Transport Partner with the United States Environmental Protection Agency certainly cannot be inexpensive. Becoming a SmartWay Transport Partner certainly must require time, leadership and a fair amount of effort to execute. So why go to all the effort? I decided to do a little detective work on the A-1 Auto Transport website to see if I could uncover the answers, I believe I did.

Reason #1 A-1 Auto Transport is green – When the trucks are fuel-efficient and the annual cost of fuel is down is less, the company can pass these savings along to their customers. This makes doing business with A-1 Auto Transport cost effective for the customer. More customers mean more business. More business means for employment opportunities. More business means more need for trucks, which in turn means more business for other companies. Why does the sound suspiciously like my AP Economics class?

Reason #2 A-1 Auto Transport is green – They have listened to what their customers have said is important to them. The company philosophy is clear: Efficiency. No messing around here. Let’s get the job done quickly, safely and at a fair price. Communication. Of course, customers want communication. A-1 is transporting a form either of their customers business or their “baby”. Sustainability. Caring about our environment.

Reason #3 A-1 Auto Transport is green – They care about Mother Earth. Skeptics question if global warming is a reality. The answer is quite simple…. YES!!! Those of us who are concerned about global warming are grateful for the attention Leonardo Di Caprio, Al Gore and Bear Grylls bring to the importance and urgency Mother Earth is facing with global warming. Truth, our earth is heating up at a very rapid pace. With this temperature change, we are witnessing glaciers melting and sea levels rising. Weather patterns are changing. These weather changes are severe. Frequent and longer droughts, heavier rainfalls, and powerful destructive hurricanes. Slowly, tragically and senselessly the wildlife suffers. Always searching for new living habitats, food and trying to maintain their population. This is particularly evident with the polar bears. With the disruption of the coral reefs, we will see the extinction of certain plants and animals. There are medical consequences of global warming, something that is generally overlooked and not often considered. With the increasing growth of pollen-producing ragweed, medical conditions such as allergies and asthma will become more common.

Green initiatives are needed for our daily lives for things we simply take for granted. For example, consumers feel the effects of the ever-increasing cost of creating and maintaining landfills, the hike in the electric bill. We feel it when we watch the ten o’clock news when the weatherman says, “I’m sorry to tell the farmers and gardeners, no rain in the forecast again this week.” We as a family who share this planet Earth must work together save Her resources and save her for our future generations.

A-1 Auto Transport has certainly thought through their green initiative which is evident through their office green policies. As an animal and nature lover, I really like the fact that their cleaning supplies are green and never tested on animals. It is also created to supply your employees with the reusable cookware and utensils, aluminum water bottles and Tupperware to keep paper products out of our landfills or worse yet strewn down the street or alleyways.

Being green is a lifestyle. It is being a part of a solution. In my family, it is almost a religion. As I have to review A-1 Auto Transport website, customer service and your green initiative is a thread in the fabric of your corporate culture. It is not easy, and it certainly is not always popular, but doing the right thing, often is not popular. Other than your green initiative, I can see your company cares the community it serves because you have decided to offer scholarship opportunities. It says a lot about a company who wants to invest in the future of students who embark on new horizons, the horizon of higher education. The cost of higher education is increasing each year. Not only the cost of tuition, but books, fees, housing, etc. make higher education a cost that is a hardship for many. Thank you, A-1 Auto Transport, for providing this awesome scholarship opportunity.

Submitted by Jacob Daniel-Thomas Trapp
on 03/10/18

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