Going… Going… Gone!

Submitted by Luis Cisneros
on 03/07/18

Moving has become as common to me as paying my taxes. It is something I have to do
every year and it is usually going to cost me some money. There is usually a process I need to go through as well as some forms to fill out. Like my taxes, if I don’t have all the required
information and materials, I will not be able to complete my move and risk missing a costly
deadline. During 2018, I moved and filed my taxes all within the same month. It was perfect
timing because I was able to use my tax return to cover the cost of moving.
I first moved out of my parents’ home in 2011 when I went off to college for the first
time. Having many of my own possessions at this age, I wanted to take as many things with me
as I could. I moved from Independence to Portland, in Oregon, a trip of over 50 miles. This was
the first time I had to experience cramming things into my 2002 Toyota Rav4. I was able to fit
clothes, a mini fridge, several textbooks, my guitar and amplifier, and various other trinkets to
remind me of home. It was a perfect fit. I couldn’t see out of my windows and rearview mirror,
but it worked so I would only have to make one single trip.

Every year has brought on a new move. First, a move back home after school in Portland
didn’t work out. Then a move out of my parents’ home when I realized I needed to be
independent and live on my own. Then a move after I graduated from college. Then after my
now-wife graduated from college. Then when my wife got a job in Portland. Most recently, when I got a job in Portland. I have depended on my Rav4 every time for my moving needs. But the amount of possessions I have owned increased with every move, every year adding more

Eventually, when my wife and I moved in together, our possessions doubled and my
Rav4 was not enough. My wife’s 1996 Toyota Camry helped us but could only hold one or two
totes. During our first move together, we relied on family members’ trucks to help us move some of the larger furniture.
We have relied more and more on U-Haul to help us move some of the larger furniture
items. While we have become more efficient every year, it is still a pain to go through the
process of packing everything into our vehicles and hauling them over. We have rented a U-Haul trailer that we have connected to our Rav4 with a ball and hitch. During our last move, I had to get off work early to pick up the U-Haul trailer only to realize I didn’t have the ball and hitch connected to the Rav4 and I would have to drive an hour in traffic to where we currently lived and an hour back to the U-Haul rental to pick up the trailer.

Driving in Portland’s heavy traffic with a trailer was stressful: other drivers would honk
and attempt to pass and it didn’t help it was pouring down rain. Once traffic lightened up, I still
couldn’t drive fast due to the risk of the empty trailer whipping around over the highway. When I finally made it back to my apartment with the trailer, there was hardly anywhere to park the
trailer so I had to park behind other cars and park part of the driveway. This meant I constantly
had to move the trailer to let cars pass. We had to make multiple trips to move all of the furniture because it wouldn’t fit in one trip. We couldn’t rent a larger trailer because of the rating of the Rav4’s ball and hitch. We didn’t want to rent an actual truck due to cost of driving per mile. We ultimately finished moving the next day through multiple trips in the Rav4 and the Camry, with totes and random miscellaneous items.
Now, only one month after moving into our new apartment, we are already looking ahead
to our next move. This move, however, will be much more complicated and require a new
strategy in order to move all of our things. We are planning to move from Portland, Oregon to
New York City, New York for school. My wife and I have both applied to New York University
and are very hopeful about being accepted (I have been conditionally accepted already, pending
an interview). We are planning to move around August and we would plan to live in New York
City for at least two years. This move will be difficult physically but also mentally and
emotionally. During our previous moves, we had progressively moved further and further away
from our family and friends to be closer to our work. It has been tough to deal with the
increasing distance from our families since we are so family oriented. The move to New York
City will come with many challenges, but dealing with over a 2000 mile gap between us and our families will perhaps be the hardest.

Amid the emotional turmoil of moving away from our family, friends, and home state, as
well as the admittedly exciting challenge of starting school again, the last thing we want to have
to stress about is moving. A-1 Auto Transport has provided great tips to help us prepare for this
move. In reference to their website, our first step is to reduce our clutter. We are already making plans for getting rid of a lot of things ranging from extra clothes we never use to our bed (we were already planning on purchasing a new one anyway). Second, we are considering quotes from movers, including A-1, to determine the cost of moving across the country- this will also help us determine how many things we might need to get rid of before the move. Third, we will not be able to move during an offseason, but we are now aware to be prepared for a busy moving season. Fourth, we will need to label all of our boxes and we will also need to prepare with more boxes than ever before as everything will need to be transported in a box, compared to our previous method of shoving everything into the car and filling every empty space. Fifth, we will be tracking all of our expenses to best prepare ourselves for next year’s tax season in order to receive a larger refund which could cover the costs of moving.

Moving is exciting. Exploring a new city can lead to so many opportunities. That is the
reason we decided to apply to New York University in the first place. However, moving
inevitably comes with its stressors. Being prepared with the proper materials and equipment will help make the move smoother. Being mentally prepared and ready to take on the challenged will help keep our cool and our heads on our shoulders so we can best soak in all the good things about this move.

Ultimately, our goal is to drive cross country so we can explore different states along the way. Whether we hire movers or transport our things ourselves, we will be better prepared for this move with the help of A-1 Auto Transport.

Submitted by Luis Cisneros
on 03/07/18

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