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The County seat of Hall County is also referred to as `the poultry capital of the world.’ Gainesville, Georgia has developed from processing huge numbers of poultry and diversified to theatre and arts. Though poultry processing still remains the top employer, ballet and orchestra are some of the familiar acts in the centers. The visual arts center and history centers are some of the popular attractions of Gainesville. The subtropical climate and affordable housing are some of the reasons people move to the city.  With over 10 moving companies serving 40,000 residents, competition brings the best of each mover. A-1 Auto Transport has stood the test of time since its inception. It is well known and widely recommended. At A-1 Auto Transport, we also cater to your car shipping requirements.


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Why engage professional movers?

Professional employees

Moving companies have employees that are trained mentally and physically. The heavy lifts and frequent challenges posed require well built people who have proper problem solving skills.

The right equipment

Professional movers have the best equipment to handle moves. They use advanced communication that improves the efficiency of their activities.

Movers use dollies and ramps to move heavy loads across rooms. They have wraps and soft linen for protecting brittle items. Tapes and straps are used to hold the boxes and the contents inside.

Additional services

Movers can supply services like packing, arranging and storage at an extra fee. Packing accounts for a huge percentage of moving costs. They unpack and arrange your house and give you adequate time to recover.

Movers can store your items until you sort out your new premises. They have the options of long or short term storage. You can also choose the warehouse facility that is most convenient for you.


Moving companies perform moves on a daily basis which makes them experts. They have professional employees and proper equipment to minimize the time used for each task.

Movers ensure you can work on other tasks as they handle your move. When moving you need to change your address, cancel deliveries and subscriptions.

A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. can help you move your household goods nationwide. Call 888-509-3213 to get a free, no obligation to buy price quote on interstate moving services.

How to find the best move in Gainesville

Ask for recommendations from people in your vicinity. If a company has performed exceptionally, they will get glowing recommendations. Likewise, poor services get poor recommendations.

Conduct an online search on GMA. They have a catalogue of the best movers in the state. They list movers according to experience and performance. The association has a professional code of ethics that is uncompromised by any party.

Check customer reviews and ratings on trusted sites. Companies who have provided quality services have a rating of 4 stars and above. They have reviews for each customer who felt the move was satisfactory. Avoid companies who have handled thousands of moves but have very few reviews. Use BBB and Yelp to verify trusted reviews.

Validate the GDOT carrier number from FMSCA. This acts as the permit to operate within the state. For long distance movers check their USDOT number.

The best tips when conducting a move

Contact the company of your choice and let their representative conduct a walk-through. They should provide an over and above estimate that also includes specialized requirements.

Smartly pack the items using a size and color code. Heavy items should go into small boxes while light items go into large boxes. Use colors of the same kind to label boxes with similar items. Make handles in each box to make carrying easier.

Pack the items in an organized format. Arrange the packed items in a strategic manner to ease loading for the movers. Heavy goods should be placed close to exits while light items should be loaded last.

Purge items you no longer use. Sell or donate the items to reduce the price charged. Fewer items are easier to haul.

Pack personal items in a box or suitcase and move it by your means. If the items are large, make arrangements with the company for specialized transport.

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