From Coastline to Snowline

Submitted by Faith Nicole McQuoid
on 03/07/18

A lot had happened to me while I was on the island of Ohau in the state of Hawai’i. I arrived fresh out of college intent on enjoying life and the island. After three years on the island I was packing up my home getting ready for a move to the state of Idaho. During that time, I had met the love of my life, we had gotten married on the 4th of July on Kailua beach. Ten months later we had a sweet baby boy. My husband was active duty in the United States Marine Corps and we loved island life.  With my husband’s honorable discharge after two combat tours coming up, we had a big decision to make. Should we stay and enjoy paradise or be more responsible with a strategic move to help with the foundation of our lives. We decided to move on into civilian life in Boise, Idaho. Moving across an ocean with an infant and a newly combined life was a tall order.

We had boxes and boxes that seemed to go for miles. I spent all day packing in between holding the baby. It was amazing how many boxes such a tiny human needed. Once I got our home in some kind of semblance of piles and boxes I handed things over to my husband. The next day I took the baby down to the beach while my husband tackled our home with the help of the movers. They spent an entire day loading box after box into the moving company truck who would get our belongings to Boise. My husband ordered Chinese take out so he and all the workers could take a break together, then it was back to work. At the end of a long day moving, he dropped me and the baby off at a nearby store to pick up cleaning supplies.

We dropped the cleaning supplies off at our apartment and I walked to a restaurant across the street. While I had dinner with my little one on my lap, my husband was driving his Mustang GT down to the shipping company on the harbor to be sent on to Idaho. He had to take the buses back to town and met us at the restaurant. We had had a long day and were in for a long night!

We headed back to the apartment and spent the entire night cleaning our apartment. It was hard work being so exhausted from the past two days and running on little energy. As the sun came up we finished off the final touches of the cleaning. We took our few bags and loaded into a friend’s car who was taking us to the airport. It was time to say goodbye to the island that had brought so much into my life.

It had been a tough decision to move to Idaho. We loved the island and the life that we started on the beaches there. Still, we knew the reality of making a living in that tough economic environment that was pressed hard on all who live in it. We decided to make our way to family and a more friendly economy. Idaho offered many aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings to help support the next phase of our lives.

At the airline check-in counter, we realized that one of our bags was overweight. We quickly scoured the airport stores in search of an extra bag that we could buy. Once the needed purchase was made, we proceeded to repack our things to accommodate the airline regulations. With the airline appeased on the matter of our luggage weight, we made our way to the boarding area.

With the call for boarding, we looked out the airport windows at our beloved island and dreamed about when we could one day return. The actual air travel was made a bit easier by the fact that we were exhausted, sleep came easily even on the airplane. We flew into California and stayed and visited family for a short time. It’s hard living on the road and without a home, but due to the short time span of it, we were able to think of it as an adventure. After our visit, we picked up a rental car and drove 10 hours to Boise, Idaho. It was a tough drive, especially since it was our first long road trip with an infant. I think our little person handled the trip better than we did. He never fused once and was a real trooper tolerating his car seat for a total of 15 hours in one day. We only took 3 stops, 2 of which were only a few minutes. We thankfully, took one long stop in Sparks, Nevada in the middle of our travels as our bodies could not go any longer without rest. During our stop in Sparks, Nevada we made trivial tasks enjoyable with meandering and just simply being, pouring the rest and relaxation we needed so desperately into us. Once recharged, we were back on the road to our new home.

We finally arrived in Boise and drove to my aunt’s house. There we collapsed from the long journey from Kailua. We had arrived, but our boxes and car were still making their way to us. We had to live without them for a whole month. Luckily by the time they reached us, we had found an apartment and had someplace into which to pour our arrivals. It was great to have our belongings and vehicles back with us, however, we had to first navigate and conquer the sea of boxes. Doing everything on our own with an infant while adjusting to a new city and a new way of life definitely slowed us down. It took us three months to completely unpack and finally feel moved into Boise.

A long-distance move definitely has its challenges and you need to be able to trust those you enlist to help you accomplish such a task.

Submitted by Faith Nicole McQuoid
on 03/07/18

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