Frequently Asked Questions: Car Shipping To a Military Base

Being a member comes with the reality that you’ll likely have to move–probably a few times–during the course of your service. While many of the aspects of moving your personal belongings are covered in detail, shipping a privately owned vehicle (POV) is something that isn’t. In this post, we tackle some of the more common questions we hear about shipping a car to a military base.

Will the government pay to ship my POV? In most cases, the answer is no, but there are some exceptions depending on the circumstances. To find out if you qualify, you can check with your Personal Property Officer or your nearest Vehicle Processing Center. If you do qualify, only one car can be shipped on your behalf.

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What are the transport requirements?

These are the basics:

  • Clean the vehicle thoroughly (inside & out)
  • Run the gas down to 1/4 tank or less
  • Ensure tires are properly inflated
  • Check for leaks & proper fluid levels
  • Disconnect alarm or antitheft systems
  • A set of keys for the shipper

 It’s important to remember that the requirements and restrictions for OCUNUS shipping to a military base will be different, which is true of any vehicle shipment to another country or territory.

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Other Concerns With POV Transport To Military Bases.

One thing that is not often mentioned about shipping a car or truck to a military base is making sure you’re dealing with the right company. While the car shipping industry is a large one that caters to people from all walks of life, it is certainly helpful if you work with a company that has experience shipping on behalf of military members.

Whether you’re a member of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard, you’re generally in better hands working with a company that regularly works with military and ships to military bases. There are a couple things you can look for that will tip you off to a company’s experience with shipping cars for members of the armed forces.

 Looking at a company website is a good place to start. Does it say anything about shipping vehicles for the military or offer any resources for those looking to ship to a military base? If the answer is no, that tells you that they probably don’t do it very often.

 If a company does have the information listed and appears as though they do ship to military bases, call them up with some questions. Ask them how often ship POVs for military and what bases they’ve shipped to recently. If they can’t answer your basic questions with some authority, you should move on to the next company.

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