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Submitted by Sophie M on 06/13/17

Flying cars is an idea that has been attempted since 1926, and is, unfortunately, becoming a reality. In all honesty, flying cars are a completely ludicrous idea. As if this world is not already problematic enough! So many people think flying cars are the solution to everyone’s problems, but in reality, it would create a global catastrophe, and would just be adding on to our problems.

Has anyone ever took the time to think about how expensive these cars are? Presently, the average household cannot even afford to buy a brand new car. Imagine how difficult it would be for people to buy a luxurious flying car! It is very likely that most people who want these cars and want them to be sold world wide would not even be able to afford one. For example. PAL-V, an aircraft engineering company, is currently selling a flying car for almost $600,000, which is way out of most people’s budgets. Not only will it be costly to buy, but it would also be pricey to produce as well. These apparently “desired” cars would require an adequate amount of advanced aviation technology to function, which would really hurt car manufacturers’ pockets.

Cars flying in the air would also induce a rise in car accidents. On average, over 3,000 auto related deaths occur everyday, due solely to road accidents. With flying cars, there are bound to be “air accidents”, which would add to the amount of road accidents. This would result in more people dying everyday. Try to visualize one of your beloved being killed or harmed by this car. Doesn’t seem so “cool” now does it?  Also, when an air accident occurs, the debris from the accident would eventually end up falling to the Earth, which could possibly hit cars driving on the road.

Humans alone will not only be afflicted by flying cars. The environment will definitely also take a massive beating from these cars. Air pollution is already a huge environmental issue. Flying cars most likely run on something similar to jet fuel, which contains multiple pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide, a toxic gas. The quality of the air would drastically decrease from these pollutants, making our air pollution problem way worse. Animals would not necessarily benefit from these cars either. Airborne animals, such as birds, could be killed by flying cars, decreasing their population. Many animals have already gone extinct due to human activities. Do we really need to add on to that list?

Flying cars are a recipe for disaster; it does not take a genius to realize that. They will devour the money in people’s pockets, will be responsible for the increase of auto accidents and deaths, and hurt the environment. Is this supposedly “cool” car really worth all these troubles?

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