Estimating the Cost to Ship a Car to Georgia through Enclosed Shipping Services

Experienced international shipping services are the only way to successfully import ship a car to Georgia. The car must travel aboard a ship. The right equipment must be used to keep the vehicle secure as it makes its way overseas to its new home.

The best way to ship a car overseas is through container shipping methods. This offers the most security and allows the customer to pack other belongings with the car.

Knowledge of foreign import laws is helpful and any reputable transporter will have plenty of experience dealing with another country’s regulations for motor vehicles. Contact the Embassy of Georgia to find out exactly what the laws for vehicle import are before you book your transport date with someone. They can also provide you with tax rate information.

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Learn about Import Duties and Taxes.

Don’t forget that the shipping service costs aren’t the only cost associated with the overseas transport from the U.S. to Georgia. Before the car is even permitted into the country, pay all taxes in full. Show proof of payment along with any other documents to the Customs office to obtain the certificate of import approval is your car meets all criteria listed in the policy.

Container Transport Costs.

Container shipping services tend to cost more than open air shipping services due to the extra space and security provided to the customer. This shipping method is also accepted by all seaports whereas open air methods aren’t always. The customer can rest assured that their vehicle is safe from outside elements. They can also pack other items with the car for transport.

The only way to find out exactly what container services will cost to ship your car to Georgia is by receiving an estimate. By answering certain questions such as what type of vehicle is being shipped and where it is shipping from and to, the transporter is able to give you a more honest quote.

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