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Submitted by Mickel Ja’ray Warren
on 11/16/2018

Driving on the road is a very serious problem, you have teenagers texting, calling, taking pictures and sometimes
smoking while on the road which would typically lead them to cause an accident on the highway causing traffic for
miles to come and it just causes an entire problem for everyone that gets caught up in the traffic jam, people become
late to their jobs, people are late to arrive at emergencies, children become late to events, and sometimes late to
mandatory meetings all because of that one person couldn’t wait to send out that one pic, text, or call.

Is it really worth causing all that chaos just for that satisfaction of 1 like from a follower? Is it really worth ending a life because you couldn’t wait to stop somewhere and take a pic or send a text to a friend? People die every day but most of them are driving related, it’s really disappointing to know that driving, one of the most simple things to do in the world to do, is one of the top causes of death every year, and no one is doing anything about it because they feel as though there is nothing they can do when in reality there is a lot that a person or a law can do in order to prevent these multiple deaths people suffer from due to the lack of patience from teenagers who are really desperate attention seekers. In fact some of the easiest things you really can do immediately before driving on the road is: power off your phone right before leaving the driveway, silence your phone so that you don’t become distracted while driving that can wait but a person’s life cannot, put your phone away in a secure location so that way you won’t even be distracted or tempted to get it just by looking at it Those are just the simple methods you can do before leaving the house, however there are other methods if you do not want to subject to powering down your device, although powering down your device may not help you because you are expecting an emergency phone call from your child or from someone important you can also keep your device on but not get distracted by turning down the brightness of your phone, if you turn down your phone brightness you may not be blind sighted by the brightness of your screen and tempted to reach your phone to answer or respond to a message therefore you are able to drive safely and comfortably, another thing you may do is block notifications from the certain social media apps until you arrive at your destination and then upon entry you may turn them back on and therefore saving lives in the process, turning on airplane mode is a very efficient way in order to drive safely and block out all extra noises to focus on the road its helpful and can prevent you from looking down to look for notifications all the time, it’s a highly preferred method and is full proof.

If you don’t like those methods that’s fine, but I urge you to consider them one last thing you may do is utilize the cars radio system and listen to music while you focus on the road, teens in today’s world use music just about for everything it helps their mind flow and drain out any negativity research shows and recommends, it’s a good way to avoid trying to take a sneak peek for the deats, these are all ways to help a person overcome the temptation to look at that bright screen and save lives in the process if we start getting into these habits we all may be able to travel smoothly on the road and continue too on about our everyday lives, so I urge you the drivers to try these methods and continue to use them, let’s make our roads and highways safer and better.

Submitted by Mickel Ja’ray Warren
on 11/16/2018

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