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Submitted by Gwendalinn Rose Prunty
on 11/17/2018

Driving is an extremely useful tool for many U.S citizens. Nearly eighty-six percent of Americans drive to work on a
daily basis and about 222 million Americans have a license. Though driving is essential to most U.S. citizens it can
also be extremely dangerous. Roughly 5,808,272 car accidents occur in the United States each year. One of the most
popular causes of car accidents is phone usage. Nearly 90 percent of drivers admit to using their phones while
driving. Texting or using social media while driving is most common among teenagers. There are many ways to help
reduce this problem.

The first step is making teens aware of the possible consequences. Common thoughts of adolescence are, “nothing
bad will ever happen to me” or “ I’m a good driver” or “ I can focus on my phone and the road”. We need to erase these thoughts from teens minds and show that they are not invincible. One way to do this is to have assemblies at schools. By making kids aware of what has happened to others, it sometimes will make them realize that they need to make a change.

If one can get a student to want to modify their current habits, the rest will come easy. For teens who are willing to make the change, there are some pretty easy ways to reduce the urge to scroll through Instagram or send a Snapchat while on the road. One can begin by putting their phone in a place that is out of reach. If one’s phone is not within reach one is much less likely to just grab their phone out of habit or use is because of boredom. Another very easy thing to do is download an app on your phone that blocks notifications while you are driving. When people hear their phone go off, their mind will instantly wander from concentrating on the road to who is messaging them or what it says and sooner than later curiosity will get to them. If you have no notifications at all, it is much easier to stay focused on the road. A lot of people say they need their phone because they use it for directions. This is completely fine but it can be awfully distracting if you are holding it in your hand or trying to balance it on your lap. The best thing to do is buy a cheap mount for your dash so you can see the road and glance at the directions at the same time.
These are some easy tips to reduce dangerous driving by teenagers.

Adolescence needs to become aware of the consequences of dangerous driving, they need to want to make a change not only in themselves but in others as well.
If a young person is told by a peer that they should not do something, they are much more likely to stop than if an
adult tells them to do so. Schools, communities, and families need to come together to make a difference. By following a few easy tips, we can save many lives from reckless driving accidents.

Submitted by Gwendalinn Rose Prunty
on 11/17/2018

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