Dollies And How They Can Come In Handy When Loading Your Furniture

Dollies And How They Can Come In Handy When Loading Your Furniture

Moving is one of the most strenuous activities one can get involved in. It involves a lot of planning, heavy lifting and putting things into boxes. However, when it comes to moving your furniture, you don’t have to break your back literally trying to lift everything up. Though you may have hired professional movers to do the heavy lifting, having a dolly at hand can help to make things much easier and faster.



Advantages of dollies when moving furniture

  • Protect the carpet. While there are some furniture pieces that can slide right off the carpet, most items have legs that can dig into the carpet and tear it. If you want to move furniture across the room without damaging your carpet and wooden floors, a nice dolly can come in handy. Just have a friend over to help put the furniture on the dolly and then move them to any other place.

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  • Protect your back and hands. The last thing you want is to have an aching back after the move or cause anybody else harm. Lifting up heavy furniture across the house is one of the best ways to ignite a backache at best and cause other hand and leg injuries.
  • Protect the furniture. No matter how well you wrap the furniture up before the move, it will still be dented if you keep banging it on the wall. However, if you secure the furniture well in the dolly, it can be moved easily without the risk of damaging your walls or the furniture.
  • Help to move furniture downstairs. When you need to move heavy stuff down the stairs, a dolly comes in handy because you can just strap the furniture securely onto the dolly and move. While moving manually would need two or more people to keep coordinating on angles and such stuff, moving with a dolly makes things much easier and faster.

How to use a dolly to move furniture

  • Position the dolly against the side of the furniture and slide the seat underneath. Tilt the handle of the dolly towards yourself so the furniture can lean towards you too and lift it. It is important to have some help especially if you are moving something big and heavy.
  • Be sure to take every safety precaution when using a dolly to move furniture. Use the straps to secure the furniture in place and make sure there are no wires or legs that can trip you or the dolly.
  • Using the right type and size of dolly is very important because you don’t want your pieces to fall and crush you. If you plan to move cabinets, wardrobes and couches, have a big dolly that can manage the weight and the size.

Using a dolly when loading furniture in a truck is the best decision you can make when moving. However, if not used correctly it can also be dangerous so it’s crucial that the users be very careful with everything.

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