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1815 Wilshire Avenue Suite 901 Santa Ana, CA 92705
1815 East Wilshire Avenue Santa Ana California 92705 US
714-966- 6600714-966- 6600

Vista Logistics is an auto transport company in the United States. The transport company is
based in Santa Ana, California. It is licensed to carry out its operations by the FMCSA under the
MC number 808266 and USDOT number 2359008. The auto carrier was established in 2012 and
is registered as a limited liability company. The vehicle transporter offers carriage services
through any location in the United States.
The company transports motorcycles, boats, heavy hauling machinery and almost all other on-
road & off-road vehicles. It offers open-air transport, enclosed transport and luxury transport
services. It also, to a very small extent, offers expedited transport services. Vista Logistics offers
door to door and interstate trucking services. The auto carrier has a full value protection policy
on all its shipments. The vehicle transport company has representatives on call every weekday,
from 8 am to 5 pm.
Vista Logistics has received generally negative reviews from transport critics. It has been
accused of lateness, damage to vehicles on transit and overall poor customer service. It has
failed to respond to all complaints filed against it.
In case of any questions or inquiries, you can contact the company via through the contact
information provided on this page.

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Vista Logistics is a reliable transporter who walks with you every step of the way. I loved their customer experience team; they were always available to answer each of my queries. I would recommend this auto transport company to anyone who wants to transport their car.


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Vista Logistics

I wanted to ship my Mercedes to Santa Ana; Vista Logistics did this within an unbelievable timeframe. They provided full cover for my vehicle and helped with its clearing and obtaining all the requisite documents. To top it all, my car got to me in excellent condition.

Teddy. G – Santa Ana

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