Open Road Auto Transport Service LLC Reviews

13 N Federal Hwy Daia Beach, FL 33004
13 North Federal Highway Dania Beach Florida 33004 US
954-251- 3133954-251- 3133

Open Road Auto Transport Service LLC is a vehicle carriage company in the USA. It is licensed to
commercially transport vehicles by the FMCSA under the USDOT number 2476877 and MC
number 855136. The company is based in Dania Beach, Florida. The company operates on a
national and interstate level throughout the continental US.

The company provides, as explained in its service portfolio, transport services on almost all
types of vehicles. And just like almost all other transport companies, Open Road Auto Transport
Service LLC provides open and enclosed shipping services.

The company has an average 3-star rating on This however, doesn’t
match the dissatisfaction in the company’s services by a majority of its customers. Most
customers have complained of, among other things, frequent price hikes even after pricing is
agreed upon, rude company agents, and unqualified drivers. As such, customers are
recommended to strongly inquire about the company before using their carriage services..

For any clarifications or inquiries, you can contact the company directly through the
information provided on this page.

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