Door to Door Auto Transport Reviews

5300 West Hillsboro Blvd Coconut Creek, FL 33073
5300 West Hillsboro Boulevard Coconut Creek Florida 33073 US

Door to Door Auto Transport is based in Brevard County, Florida. The company ships vehicles nationwide and internationally. The vehicles transported include trucks, sport utility vehicles, classic cars, antique cars, recreational vans, and ATVs. It also transports boats, motorcycles, and heavy equipment such as construction machinery. This firm also goes by the name Door to Door Transport.

True to its name, the company offers door to door services for all cars. For international shipping, cars are delivered port to port, door to port, as well as port to door, depending on the customer’s needs. Door to Door Auto Transport offers Ro Ro and container shipping for overseas destinations. For domestic shipping, customers can opt for open carriers or enclosed carriers.

The company has a vast network of vehicle shippers who are all licensed, bonded, and insured. The carriers are spread throughout the country and can ship to the most remote locations. It has flatbed trailers that ship odd-shaped equipment and large-sized vehicles. The company has also invested in lowboy trailers for ease of shipping heavy equipment.

The company has received a lot of positive reviews from a wide range of customers spanning from car dealerships to individual clients. It has been mainly praised for reliable customer service, military discounts, and speedy delivery.

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