Corsia Logistics Reviews

5405 Wilshire Blvd, Ste, 233 Los Angeles, California 90036
671 South Cloverdale Avenue Los Angeles California 90036 US

Corsia Logistics is an auto transport services broker based in Los Angeles, California. The company is registered, licensed, and bonded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), United States Dept of Transport under Motor carrier number 825904 and USDOT number 2405616. The company services the West Coast and covers its local routes daily.


Corsia Logistics is licensed to transport motor vehicles throughout the United States. They offer door to door, county to county, interstate, and coast to coast auto transport services. The company has a variety of clientele including auto dealerships, businesses, auto rental companies, moving companies, and private vehicle owners. The company has a network of professional carriers with extensive expertise in the auto transport industry.

The auto transporter is licensed to ship motor vehicles including sedans, vans, SUV’s, ATV’s, buses, and trucks. They transport valuable vehicles such as limousines, sports cars, classics, antiques, trailers, RV’s, yachts, boats, and motorcycles. They offer both open-air vehicle transportation and enclosed car shipping.

The firm has generally good reviews online. Feel free to contact the firm using the contact information provided on this page.

MC #
5042 Wilshire Blvd #300 Los Angeles, CA 90036-4305 0.41 mi
(877) 241-2676 (Toll Free) or (818) 956-5666(877) 241-2676 (Toll Free) or (818) 956-5666
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