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4801, E Independence Charlotte, North Carolina 23312
4801 East Independence Expressway Charlotte North Carolina 28212 US

Blue Star Auto Carriers is a vehicle transportation company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have a fleet of over 40 carriers and provide auto transport services throughout the continental United States including Alaska. They provide auto shipping services to a range of clients including auto dealerships, auction houses, auto rental firms, corporate clients, and private vehicle owners.


The auto carrier is a general auto mover and is licensed to transport all types of vehicles including luxury cars, SUV’s, and trucks. They also provide towing services. Besides that, they also ship valuable vehicles and motorcycles. They have professional drivers and clients can choose door to door, pick up, or drop off services.

Blue Star Auto Carriers provide both open carriers and closed carriers. Most vehicle owners prefer the open method of transportation because they can save a significant amount of money. Yet, the vehicles are not protected from the elements. Though damage is rare, it can occur. The enclosed transport protects the vehicle from the weather, flying objects such as rocks, and from theft. This mode of shipping is recommended for high-end vehicles.

my go-to auto transporter

I own an auto dealership and Blue Star Auto Carriers have constantly provided me with reliable auto transport services each and every time I need to deliver a car to a client. They are swift in responding to clients and in delivering cars as well. I rate them highly!

Vicky (Gastonia, North Carolina)

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safe option

I have a luxury car and I needed an auto transporter capable of moving it safely when I came across Blue Star Auto Carriers. The closed shipping option was a safe and secure means of transporting my car and it reached me with its integrity intact.

Zack (Charlotte, North Carolina)

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