Auto Transport Leaders Reviews

6851 Winged Foot Dr Hialeah, FL 33015
6851 Winged Foot Drive Hialeah Florida 33015 US
(844)-875- 7443(844)-875- 7443

Auto Transport Leaders is a private company located in Miami, Florida. The firm was
established in 2017. It is dedicated to offering the automotive community with a quick and
reliable way of shipping all kinds of cars to and from any state in the nation.

The most popular mode of transit utilized is open transport. It keeps costs low while maximizing
efficiency. Unless stated otherwise, their quotation will reflect a cost estimate for open
transport. The company also offers enclosed shipping to high-end vehicles that require
protection from the elements.

Door to door service is the company’s gold standard and is extended at no charge so long as the
area of vehicle pick up and drop off are accessible for a truck and trailer. The drivers are tasked
with the responsibility of conducting a thorough inspection of the vehicle upon delivery to
ensure no damage has been incurred to the car. In case of any dents and scratches, a claim is
filed and the customer compensated.

Customers with a short shipping window can opt for the company’s expedited services. The
company guarantees vehicle delivery within 48 hours of booking in this package.