Allegiant Auto Logistics Reviews

67 West Street. C6 4 th Floor Brooklyn, NY 11222
61-67 West Street New York 11222 US

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Allegiant Auto Logistics is a transport company with a truly
national coverage. The main services offered by Allegiant are vehicle transport, furniture
transport, and moving services. The biggest benefit of working with Allegiant is that they have a
network of vetted carriers that allows them to ship your cargo anywhere within the 50 states.
They operate a fleet consisting of hundreds of drivers and a wide variety of moving trucks
including flatbeds, closed carriers, moving trucks, and multi vehicle carriers.

If you are planning to switch address, Allegiant will help you move your furniture, household
goods and vehicle(s). They offer a one shop stop solution for all your moving needs. Allegiant
also has very competitive rates for corporate clients who may be seeking to move multiple
cargo items on a regular basis. Their drivers, staff, management, and partners have years of
experience and expertise to ensure that you have a hassle free experience working with us.

Allegiant prides itself in the level of professionalism that it offers. All their partners have been
carefully vetted to ensure that your cargo is kept safe during the shipping process. You can get
in touch with them via their website and they will offer solutions for your shipping needs.