123 Car Movers LLC Reviews

3435 NW 79 AV Miami, FL 33122
3435 Northwest 79th Avenue Doral Florida 33122 US
(786) 397-6886(786) 397-6886

123 Car Movers LLC is located in Miami, Florida. It was established over seven years ago to offer
auto transportation services within the state and nationally. Since then, the company has been
under the management of company officers Martha Betancourt, Fernando Ardila, Alvaro Lopez,
and Felipe Lopez. Today, the firm offers car transportation services nationally and
The firm offers transportation services for motor vehicles within the state and beyond. Their car
carriers ship SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, and even specialized machinery. As interstate vehicle
movers, they accept car shipment booking from residents from any state within the US. Their
enclosed and open carrier trucks are ideal for both short and long distance transportation. The
firm also boats of having drivers that are professional and have loads of experience in state to
state car transportation.
The firm promises to offer quality services to vehicle owners within Florida and beyond. This
includes customized shipping packages for customers with specialized transport needs and
partnerships with local transportation companies to enable them to handle bulk car shipments
within or outside the state.