Different Types of Moving Storage Available

Different Types of Moving Storage Available

Changing homes sounds like a good idea but it is cumbersome to execute and many people do not enjoy the process. Another thing that adds on to the stress of moving, whether long distance moves, or short distance ones, is the lack of space in your new home. And while your moving company can offer you storage, it is important to be aware of what type of storage you are getting from them.



Here is a brief overview of some of the possible types of moving storage to expect from any moving company offering storage services.

Storage units

Storage units are the most common option for moving storage that you can get from any moving company. It is a form of self-storage and is considered quite flexible and secure. However, make sure that your documents are secure before leaving them in any storage unit. Storage units are relatively cheap when compared to other storage options. The storage units are ideal if you are packing up your belongings to sell the house, or you are staying with a friend or in a hotel.

Storage pods

Storage pods are highly convenient and are less time-consuming in comparison to the storage units. This is because the container that you store your stuff in is the same one that you will use to move them to your new home. In most cases, storage pods are a bit smaller than storage units and are ideal for storing just a few items.

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Concierge storage

The concierge storage is considered a full-service type of moving storage. With the concierge storage, you do not have to worry about packing the items or even storing them; the moving company offering this service tasks a person with that responsibility. In addition, this type of storage affords you the comfort of delivering your packed and stored belongings in an area of your choice. The concierge moving service is an easy and convenient way to have your items stored safely as you prepare your new home.

Peer-to-peer storage

Moving can be expensive and hiring a storage space from a moving company is not the best way to save some money. However, with a peer-to-peer storage option, you are assured of saving a few dollars. How it works is that you rent out someone’s extra space; a closet, an attic, or basement, for a limited time as you organize yourself.

While peer-to-peer moving storage services are not common, you can go an extra mile to seek for storage spaces from friends and family members and even stand a higher chance of making great savings out of it. However, you need to have enough packing supplies and accessories to ensure that all your items are organized as you leave them in someone’s home.

The type of moving storage you decide to settle for depends on availability and your budget. Do take the time to research available options as this will help you settle for the best storage moving services.

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