Dear dad, I’m moving away!

Submitted by Ana Marija
on 03/06/18

We were born too late to explore earth, but too early to explore space. 

Long car drives are in the past. The 21st century is the time of rapid living. We always hurry somewhere; we want work to be done as fast as possible. There is no space for mistakes nor delays in such a system. 

Technology has reached its maximum and it pervades every particle of our lives. Even the thought of one day without internet connection is terrifying. New innovations were introduced in all industrial fields, even in transport. 

A stable transport connection plays an important role in modern society (apart from the internet connection). Finding the fastest and cheapest way to change our location is key. 

That’s why applying to a college at a far distance from our hometown is a pretty common thing. 

The average high school student has to make some life-changing decisions. The right decision of what and where to study can be a future milestone in careers. No wonder we stress about it so much. 

Courage is needed to study in a foreign place. It is surely beneficial to get known to a new culture, people and environment. Apart from the new impressions students get, they learn how to rely on themselves. 

On the other hand, studying abroad means moving abroad, taking on responsibility and learning to be in charge for what you do. That kind of responsibility causes stress and much more work. 

All those factors have a huge impact on the final decision: to study abroad, or not? 

One of the hugest problems is getting all the paperwork done when changing places. Paperwork includes often finishing some practical tasks (for example getting a visa, finding the right company for shipping property…). All of this can be done if time is taken for preparing. 

An important role, in helping students decide whether studying abroad and moving internationally is a good idea, is played by transport agencies. They have a huge impact on the youth by the right promotion of their ideas. 

The most powerful tool of society, in the 21st-century, is to promote and share an idea right. Good advertisement is key. Therefore design plays an important role in the way the idea is presented. For most of the students is the right way of presenting a good plan important (where they don’t have to think too much about problems and obligations they have to consider). When moving internationally are we often not concerned about all of the problems we have to face.

In my opinion, it depends on our fixed mindsets. The first thought about long-distance moving would most likely be: international and long-distance moving equals stress and problems. 

An average student who starts new off in college has too many things in mind. Even more, stress, caused by problems of international shipping, costs patience and good nerves. “International shipping is not safe and costs too much.” Is a widely spread opinion among my schoolmates. 

Many students miss out a great chance because they decide to stay where they are. Attending college far away from home seems complicated; with too much effort. 

Moving internationally means preparing. Not all problems can be solved by a good shipping company. Thinking about saving time is primary. Saving enough time to prepare for such a huge step is important to reduce stress, apart from overthinking and programming your next move. 

From my position on, am I not able to change the opinions about ‘complicated international shipping’, but there are a couple of ways of promoting the idea of good shipping. 

Detailed advertisement which explains exactly how international shipping works may help students decide if international moving and studying abroad could be the right option.

Most of the students don’t even try to search up how shipping of huge property (for ex. cars) works. They are often ignorant and stick to their opinion how moving internationally is too much work. 

Students should open up to new horizons and think more about our world in the way we are all digitally and physically (through transport) connected. There is plenty information on the internet about all the detailed benefits of international moving and shipping, but those facts aren’t arranged or made up right. Those instructions are often explained way too complicated and without visualized presentations. The modern society is determined by media impact, which should be used as much as possible to promote good ideas. It is important to implant the right ideas in mindsets of the youth (in the fastest and easiest way), as they are most open to new changes. The progress of society depends on focusing youth in the right direction. Promoting the right knowledge and information means power, especially for the promoter (which is, for example, A-1 Auto Transport).

By encouraging youth to show their full capacity can a lot be changed; it’s all up to the right methods of demonstrating ideas. As Albert Einstein once said: “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”

Submitted by Ana Marija
on 03/06/18

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