Dealing With Your Anxiety After A Move

Believe it or not, having a bit of anxiety after you have moved into a new location is quite common. You might be tempted to think that after having successfully dealt with all the stress and headaches of packing, organizing, dealing with movers, etc… the process of actually getting settled in would be a walk in the park. Well, it can be, but you need to know some of the things that might cause anxiety after the move…and also some practical ways to deal with this.

Excessive Disorganization

Yes, the first days in your new place will be a bit disorganized, but having things get out of hand can bring on some anxiety. Everything is packed away and you might feel like you just want a break. This can lead to procrastination, which will lead to a hunt for certain items here and there, which will lead to even more disorganization.

Then, the frustration can set in when you can’t find something you want or need and realize your life still revolves around those silly, unpacked boxes. Instead of having this happen, remain calm and focus. Give yourself as much time each day as you can to do some focus unpacking. Before you know it, everything will be finished and you will be settled in…and no more anxiety.

Culture Shock

If you have moved far enough away, you might actually experience some level of culture shock. The initial excitement of starting over may have given way to loneliness and anxiety. All the things you might have loved about your old area are now gone. The social norms and ways things are done might seem strange and unfamiliar (it will likely be even worse if you are in another country). Instead of feeling sad, consider this as an opportunity to:

  • Learn and grow as a person
  • Try different things; you might learn to love doing things another way
  • Get out there and start meeting new people
  • Join some local clubs, sports team, church group, or volunteer

Any of these things should help you to feel like you fit in more, reducing the anxiety and culture shock.

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Missing Your Loved Ones

If you are now far away from friends and family, this can be difficult. However, technology has a way of bridging that distance. Mobile phones, Skype, email, and Facebook make it almost like you are still in the next room when talking with the special people in your life. You could also take a quick trip back ‘home’ every so often to reconnect with everyone.

Dealing With Moving Problems

You may also need to deal with a moving company that has lost or damaged some of your items. Do not let this get to you and raise your stress level. There is a process for filing claims with the moving company. You can even contact this excellent federal government resource.

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