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Many of the counties in Nebraska have a rich legacy of massive growth during the railroad construction period and earlier conflicts between ranchers and homesteaders. Dawes County is one such region. The county has a diversified geographical and economic outlook even though agriculture features prominently in its economy.  With this diversity in mind, a good auto transport company should give you different options when shipping cars to or from Dawes County like A-1 Auto Transport does.


ship a car to or from Dawes County 

Available shipping options

  • Enclosed trailer: We place your car inside a container or trailer. It is a safe option for transporting high-value cars and open vehicles that might be damaged from exposure to the elements.
  • Open trailer: Your car is placed on an open carrier. Open carriers can transport many cars at a go and this makes it affordable because the shipping costs are shared among various car owners.
  • Terminal-to-terminal service: You will enjoy some cost savings when you choose to drop your car at a given transportation terminal and pick it from a terminal in the destination point. There are several terminals used when shipping cars to or from Dawes County.
  • Door-to-door service: You pay an extra fee and have someone come collect your car from your home or any other point that you prefer and we deliver it at your doorstep. It is a favorite service for those who are looking for more convenience.
  • Air-freight and sea-freight service: This happens when you are shipping your car internationally. You can choose to transport your car by plane which is fast but more expensive or by ship where you pay less but it takes a little longer. A-1 Auto transport has great experience in the arena of international automobile shipment. We will help you to effectively handle the paperwork and logistics whether you are shipping your car on the roll on/roll off basis or shipping it in a container.

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A-1 Auto transport also ships many other types of automobiles in Nebraska including motorcycles, boats, trucks and heavy machinery, hybrids, electric, classic and luxury cars among others. You can find these on our website.

Getting your car ready

Once you find the best service for shipping cars to or from Dawes County, prepare your car for shipping. Check the Dawes County DMV website for car ownership and driving regulations which you need to follow.

  • Empty your car of all personal items and possessions. These include clothes, CDs and all other stuff. Our carriers have weight limits and personal items might increase the load on your car and we are not responsible for personal items that get lost while in transit.
  • Your car should have as little gas as possible in the tank. The recommended levels are not more than a quarter full. Have it in good running condition and clean it for a proper inspection.

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Zip codes included in Dawes County

  • 69337- Chadron
  • 69339- Crawford
  • 69354- Marsland
  • 69367- Whitney

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