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Submitted by Susana Perez Fernandez
on 11/17/2018

Many teenagers receive newfound freedom when they learn and get the opportunity to drive. However, most of them
have already grown attached to their electronic devices and have the tendency to check their phones every time it
buzzes or rings. It is very hazardous when the two come together. At least half of all teenagers (and young adults)
have admitted to texting and driving.

What perhaps goes through their mind is that they are only one in a million, that it won’t be them that gets into a car accident or gets caught by the law. It is upsetting to think that a juvenile would (unintentionally) risk their own life and that of others to see what was going on in the little world of their phone which can be explored at a much appropriate time than while driving.

There is no sure way to stop these dangerous habits from happening but there certainly would be fewer accidents and chaos while on the road. I am aware that there is an app that can be installed on the phone device that forbids any notifications that would distract the driver from appearing on the phone screen. And if I am recalling correctly, with those intelligent vehicles that could be connected with the phone device, there is sometimes a setting where it is the car that does not allow the driver to interact with their phone. But, that would require people to purchase a brand new, (more) expensive vehicle. And not everyone has the money and access to that.

One thing that I would suggest, that many already do, is to pull over. That is much safer than responding to a text
while on the road at a high speed. If the driver grows paranoid that maybe some stranger will come up and open their door while their attention is caught onto their phone device, then they can lock their doors to prevent that from
happening. Many may say that it takes too much time and trouble to pull over to complete one simple task, however, it will be safer for everybody if their attention is on the road every moment while driving.

Over hundreds of accidents occur throughout the year and in many, the cause is due to the driver focusing their
attention on their phone rather than the road. Several have died in these types of accidents when it could have been
easily avoided. It does not take much effort to avoid a technological device to concentrate on the road for some time. Pulling over requires some effort, getting passed all the other vehicles, finding a legal and appropriate place, but it is
for the good of the community.

Many people would still be alive if it weren’t for accidents like these. I know it is not
their intention to hurt people this way but it goes to show that an act so small and innocent can destroy several lives.
Reckless and ignorant would be words to describe teenagers with dangerous driving habits, they do not take the lives
of other people into consideration when it comes to stuff like that.

Submitted by Susana Perez Fernandez
on 11/17/2018other people into consideration when it comes to stuff like that

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