Dad’s Car

Submitted by Ellianna Hanell
on 03/10/18

I knew that the move wouldn’t go smoothly. We were traveling seven hours, 450 miles,
to our new home all by ourselves. We had to cram all of the belongings from a
household consisting of eight people into a giant semi-truck with the extra piled into
cars. We were making the big move in just one day, one trip with all of our belongings
and the entire family. The sound of that just screamed disaster. There were six whiney,
irritable kids, two very stressed out parents, and then there was papaw; he was just the
hungry old guy driving the semi truck. With that distance and that amount of people,
something bad was bound to happen.
To pass the time my siblings and I made up silly games, entertained ourselves on our
electronics, and slept. One of my favorites we played was the “alphabet game” where
you try to find all of the letters in the alphabet in order on various signs we passed, but
the majority of the time was spent playing Mario Kart and Super Mario with my siblings
on the Nintendo DS. My siblings and I are all very competitive people which make for a
loud ride sometimes, and my brother Adam started to yell because I was able to pass
him in Mario Kart putting him in second place when Dad called and Mom told us all to
be quiet.
I could overhear the sorrow in my Dad’s voice on the other end of the phone with Mom.
She gasped and I knew something had happened. She then went on in her soothing
voice in attempt to comfort him, but it didn’t sound like it was working. I tried my best to
eavesdrop in on their conversation, but I couldn’t piece together what they were saying.
A million things started rushing through mind as I think about what the conversation
could be about. Did someone die? Is Malachi okay? Is Dad okay? Were they in an
accident? What about the car? I anxiously waited for the conversation to end, so Mom
could explain to me what had happened.
Finally, Mom gets off the phone with Dad, and I begin asking her all of my questions.
She calms me down assuring me that everything is fine before explaining how someone
hit Dad’s car while he was in the gas station. He went inside to get a water and let
Malchi picks out a snack, but when he came back out to the car, he noticed a big dent on
the rear passenger side and scratched paint. There was no note left with contact
information or even an apology, and Dad could not be more upset. His baby, his 1968
Le Mans Pontiac red convertible was hit. He received the car when he was just 12 years
old and spent countless hours on it with his father trying to fix it up, so it would be in
pristine condition for his 16th birthday.
That car has been with my Dad for the majority of his life and means a lot to him. He
has made many memories in it with it going through high school, college, and now his
adult life. I love hearing stories about how everyone wanted to go to prom with him so
they could ride in his car and how he found his passion in engineering through working
on the car with his father. My favorite story is how the car saved his relationship with my
mom. On their very first date, Dad was late and Mom was irritated and was about to
leave when Dad finally shows up in this gorgeous convertible. Dad was a gentleman
and apologized, but Mom says that the only reason why she stayed is because she
wanted to go on a ride in the car because she had never ridden in a convertible before.
We laugh about it now, but really that is what allowed them to create a relationship and
then a family.
Luckily, I have been able to experience the joy and fun this car brings to people. I love
the feeling of riding in it each spring after it’s been in storage through the winter months.
All of the kids squeeze in and we drive to our favorite ice cream place while listening to
the album When the World Comes Down to the All-American Rejects. Our favorite song
is “Gives You Hell,” and when it comes on, everyone sings the lyrics at the tops of their
lungs. The wind blows so hard so we can never hear each other until we stop and my
hair gets all messed up, but I still love it. I love the joy, bond, and fun it brings to my
family during the warm months. The car and its memories make me happy; it makes
everyone happy.
But that feeling of happiness is nonexistent when learning about the accident. Dad has
always taken very good care of the car, and I can’t imagine how upset he must’ve been.
In all of his time in owning the car, no accident this big has ever occurred. The situation
made my parents even more stressed out and the kids even more irritable making it a
very long trip. However, all of this misfortune could have been avoided if we asked for
help and used A-1 auto transport to safely transport the convertible to our new home.
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lesson and know to ask them for help in the future.

Submitted by Ellianna Hanell
on 03/10/18

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