Comparing The Different Storage Options Available

Comparing The Different Storage Options Available

Despite its tiresome nature, moving is an exciting experience. Think of all the new experiences you will encounter. A new house, shopping malls, restaurants, and neighbors await you on arrival. Moving day beckons way before you can indulge in all these. Whether the decision was because of new job placement or making a fresh start, the chances are that you are going to need storage services. Before renting the space, you should research on options available in your locality. Here are some of the most common ones.




In this option, you get an individual lockable compartment. The rental facility may offer packaging supplies, boxes and a lock. You can also bring your padlock. In return, you pay an agreed fee monthly with the option to extend your lease. Employees working at the storage firm cannot gain entry to your space and have no idea what you have kept there.

Yard storage

Upon payment of a deposit and a month’s rent, you get a storage structure delivered to your home. The best place to keep it is in the backyard. One advantage of this type of storage is that you have direct access to your possessions any time you want. All you should do is fetch the key, walk to the backyard and voila. On the other hand, you can sign up for an arrangement where you get to own the shed through monthly installments.

Storage sheds

With different sizes and construction varieties, you might want to have a shed installed at your compound. You enjoy uninterrupted access allowing for retrieval of stored items or addition as per your liking. Materials used include wood, plastic, metal and vinyl. You can also shoot for a customized unit for minimal yard space utilization.

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Moving storage

These consist of portable containers that a provider delivers to a user’s home. They leave the unit behind for you to load your belongings at your leisure. Once you have packed everything to your satisfaction, you call the moving company who come and deliver it to a stated location. If you are moving to another state, this would be an ideal option.

Temporary storage

As the name suggests, with this type, you still have the shed transported to your house. You then proceed to pack the items you want. After a while, the service provider picks up their shed while you find another place to put your things. Seasonal storage comes in handy when you have home renovations taking place and are only seeking somewhere to keep household items for a short period.

Moving day is the culmination of months of planning and packing. Whether you are seeking a short or long-term solution, storage services come across as highly recommended as a way of easing the pressure. With the units provided for hire, you can opt for personal space at a facility near your house or have the same delivered to your compound.  The rental cost varies, but you can always negotiate with the storage firm and settle on what you find affordable.

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